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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spit on me

I need some serious time off.

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"51 drivers who went on paid leave after a spitting incident took, on average, 64 days off work — the equivalent of three months with pay. One driver, who was not identified by the authority, spent 191 days on paid leave."

I wonder how many of them lied and weren't even spat upon?

Or how many of them were spat at but the spatter missed?

Better yet how many of them felt guilty for having milked the spattage?

Great, you just gave the local drivers a new tactic.
Speaking of which, another rogue trimet driver tried to run down a woman on a mobility scooter yesterday.

Nothing like a STRONG TRANSIT UNION to cover their worker's behinds. It does not matter whether you are a bus driver in Portland, Oregon who gets a little reprimand for KILLING TWO PEDESTRIANS OR a NEW YORK BUS DRIVER WHO GETS SPAT ON. If you have strong UNIONS (AFSCME, ETC.) you can virtually get away with anything knowing full well YOU ARE WELL PROTECTED by these SLEAZY UNIONS. Until these LABOR ORGANIZATIONS begin to play fair NOTHING WILL CHANGE !! and the taxpayers will end up FOOTING THE BILL !! GREAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN ISN'T IT ? !!

Hey, lay off the caps lock key. I'm serious.

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