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Monday, May 10, 2010

Police brutality much more genteel in Seattle

There's a flap developing up in Seattle over apparent police misconduct in dealing with a suspect in a late-night robbery -- a guy who later turned out to be innocent. One police officer stomped on the suspect's hand as he was lying face down on the concrete, and another officer appears to have stomped on his knee. The first cop also told the suspect that he was going to "beat the f***ing Mexican p**s out of you, homey." The whole thing was caught on videotape.

After watching Portland's police brutally beat James Chasse to death and fatally shoot Aaron Campbell in the back -- and seeing the same officer who killed Campbell viciously Tase someone merely for videotaping him -- we Portlanders know that the outcomes of the Seattle case could have been much, much worse.

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Disgusting. Innocence shouldn't make a difference when someone is not actively resisting or otherwise posing a threat.

I suppose the fact that a small amount of marijuana was found in this raid (http://tinyurl.com/389btso) justifies the actions.

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