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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PDC shocker: They're not moving their offices

Our source for this afternoon's blog post on the story was dead wrong -- the Portland Development Commission voted this evening to stay put in its Old Town headquarters. Looks like the Curse of the Virginia Cafe lives on for Tom Moyer -- not to mention the felony charge pending against him.

The O's Ryan Frank captures some excellent drama at the commission meeting:

On Wednesday, the commission faced impassioned pleas from Park Avenue West's supporters. Some members of Moyer's team spoke in clipped tones to convey the importance of the decision on Park Avenue West's prospects.

"On an economic basis there is no comparison," said Vanessa Sturgeon, TMT's president and Moyer's granddaughter.

As the meeting wore on late into Wednesday, Sturgeon rose from her seat several times to interject during the meeting. At one point, board Chairman Scott Andrews halted one of Moyer's finance executives from talking further.

Construction workers also pushed Moyer's project for the work it would create for an industry that's lost more than 30 percent of its jobs statewide in the recession.

"It doesn't seem right," said Richard Sells, a superintendent for Hoffman Construction at the Park Avenue West site. "If this project goes, I would venture to say that other projects would have the courage to go also."

Lili Mandel, a downtown resident and frequent commenter at city meetings, exclaimed in criticism: "This is short-sighted. Just for a few dollars."

Not to mention the comedy:

PDC officials suggested the Stoel Rives and Niketown commitments were less firm than they originally thought. Neither tenant is legally committed, lawyer Steve Janik told the board.

"I've talked with Stoel Rives. We can't even get Nike to give me a call," Andrews said. "Personally, I'm just not willing to take the risk for this organization under those circumstances."

What a day. Way to go, PDC.

Comments (11)

This is the level of stupid the PDC has to reach before they say no.

The proposal that they commit to moving into a high rent building that doesn't exist and has a 50/50 shot of never getting built.

And the PDC is still paying too much for rent and NNN in this market.

I would have bet against this one.

Adams s**t-canned a Saltzman and a Moyer on the same day. These are people with long green and longer memories. There will be no second term for Adams. He may not even get through his first one. All the soccer fans and bikers in the city can't overcome West Hills money.

Can we all revisit the resolution that all but Amanda and Fish (because they had yet to be elected) voted to say all City office space will be either in city owned buildings, and if no space is available, then the city office must locate in an historical buildings.


So what I want to know is what does Adams have waiting in the wings that he can afford to start biting the hands that feed him?

Moyer can *** ** ****. He's already leeched plenty of big bucks out of city hall. I hope he has to serve time.

So breaks one's heart that Ms Sturgeon who usually gets her way gets told no.

Who knows maybe that shell of a building will be our ongoing reminder of the results of over-planning.


The resolution you cited was specifically brought to the attention of PDC by the Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association in an official letter to the commission:

"... the City of Portland is ignoring a standing policy from 2004, Resolution No. 36267, that says city office locations should reside in historic buildings whenever possible. PDC’s current location is the Mason-Ehrman building which is a contributing structure to the Portland New Chinatown Japantown Historic District and is covered by this binding city policy."

The unofficial response was that this policy did not apply to PDC as it was a quasi-city agency. I assume they are referring to the use of URA funds for their operating budget. The official response was silence on this particular point from all parties. It was ignored.

I am very pleased that the Kalberer's were aggressive in their negotiations, to the point that the savings became immediate and obvious to PDC. I am also especially pleased that Bruce Warner and some of the commissioners specifically said that they were persuaded [by the neighborhood] that PDC's presence in Old Town Chinatown was important for the district and should continue.

The Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association held numerous meetings on this matter and lobbied as hard as an all-volunteer neighborhood group can lobby. There were about 4 people in the crowd last night who were residents and business owners, and more than 30 from TMT. It's not easy to go up against funded opposition.

I look forward to the opportunities ahead in Old Town with PDC's continued presence. And I hope the Mayor will honor his commitment to accept PDC's vote last night.


Alexander Mace

Why doesn't the PDC move to Union Station?

It owns the building and there is plenty of office space on the 2nd and 3rd floors...not to mention a good part of the 1st floor is largely underutilized.

Given the timing of the proposed move, and the insanely high, waaay above-market rent amount, could this have been a quid-pro-quo for ol' Tommy not to talk too much at his trial?

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