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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Does my Oregon ballot need two stamps?

With the extra sheet it in for the precinct committee persons, and the secrecy envelope, the Oregon ballot that I hold in my hand weighs in at just about one ounce exactly. Does anybody know for sure whether it could possibly be a hair heavier than an ounce and need another 17 cents postage?

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I weighed mine on the office scale. It was about .75 ounces without the precinct committee sheet. I think even with that sheet you are okay with one stamp.

Support the post office--pay the extra stamp! (I'm wondering the same thing about graduation announcements.)

or, walk it to the library.

It's not a good idea to vote early, Jack. You never know what might be revealed about your favored candidates between now and election day that could change your mind. (Remember GWB's drunk driving conviction? He managed to cover it up until there were only days to go, and many absentee votes had already been cast by then. If just a handful of Floridians who voted early had been able to change their votes over this, what a different world we would be living in now.)

I know that some people ~have~ to vote early for various reasons and I'm glad they have that option. But those who have no particular reason to do so should just wait until election day and use a drop-off site, as if they were still voting in person.

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