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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Novick goes hack

I strongly supported Steve Novick back when he was running against Jeff Merkley. But now he's become a bit of a Blue Oregon caricature. Today he waxes poetic on that brave, thoughtful fellow, Portland city commissioner Dan Saltzman. Apparently the big issue in the race is the Aaron Campbell homicide, and he doesn't blame Saltzman for that. Therefore he votes for Saltzman.

Novick also paints Saltzman as fiscally conservative. Never mind that "Legend" Dan is responsible, more than anyone else on the City Council, for the massive hole that the city's in today.

Obviously Novick's "shake-things-up" shtick is limited. It's been fun thinking about having him in public office some day, but now I think he'll have to get there without my vote.

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Those with power support others with power so they can keep their power. Status Quo.

Staggering disappointment. Steve! Put down the Cool-Aid cup!

"Novick also paints Saltzman as fiscally conservative"

Realize that's a relative perspective.

"he doesn't blame Saltzman for that"

Why should he? Saltzman sat there waiting for someone to put their hand up his back and tell him what to say.

He had to support Saltzman, otherwise Kari's firm would never build another website for him.

I believe Kari's working for Cornett in this race.

If Novick's kissing up to anybody with his Saltzman bit, it's Mark Wiener. Old Kingmaker Mark and "Legend" Dan go way back.

Yes, Mr Novick seemed attractive during the Democratic Senatorial primary, but now more is being revealed about his political proclivities. Add to the allegiances you've mentioned an affiliation with Mr Wyden: he's a friend and someone with whom Mr Novick has said he shares most political positions.

Remember that Mr Novick lacks the financial resources a more independent politician requires.

Novick = Partisan Party Hack

No one associated with Portland's City Council should be described as fiscally conservative. Fish or Fritz may yet surprise us on that front, but I doubt it....

I'm disappointed with Novick here, and I was really sad when he lost the primary. That said, I have to say that Merkley has been a very pleasant and refreshing surprise and has exceeded my expectations greatly. It's really nice having a Democratic Senator in Oregon again.

Sad. Novick has made a series of bad decisions over the past month, which will culminate I suspect in a wonk job in Kitzhaber administration.

The sticky criticism of Saltzman has little to do with Aaron Campbell, shot in the back while surrendering by a mis-managed cop. It has little to do with the police shooting death of Jack Collins, a homeless man who had begged a police sergeant for help getting mental health treatment. It has little to do Chris Humphreys shooting a 12-year-old girl with a lead-pellet bag at point blank range. The criticism even has little to do with Saltzman's inability to lead or manage a discipline process for Kyle Nice and Christopher Humphreys who brutally beat James Chasse to death, or because he misunderstood the police union contract thereby undermining the remaining authority for the police chief and himself.

The sticky criticism is he has meager insight into his inability to lead and thereby endangers not only persons who are African-American, youths, people who are homeless or persons who have a mental illness, but his lack of insights also endangers cops and erodes the public trust in authority.

I don't know if Mary Volm or Jesse Cornett would be a better police chief. I'm pretty sure Sam is unwilling to do the job. I'm not confident any other current council members would be a good chief. But what's certain is Saltzman has been the worst police chief in memory, and utter failure in that position is intolerable.

Agreed, GAS, Jeff Merkley has been a very active freshman senator; and for those who were disappointed by Mr Novick's narrow primary defeat, very encouraging. He is certainly closer to Sen Sanders than to Mr Wyden. Perhaps, with his diligence, the Senate Banking Committee can actually achieve reforms beneficial to most of us.

Senator Merkley has also been in the lead as far as trying to get our community an exemption to the EPA LT2 rule regarding our water. This rule was based on politics, not science.

Our community will be over a billion dollars with debt on these water bureau projects and all for a public health problem that does not exist. Our water rates will double. How can this be any help for business and the job picture in our city?

Many citizens and organizations requested a delay in order to give Merkley and congress time to work on a legislative waiver. Portland City Council would not delay and voted to move forward with these expensive projects. In fact they just went along again with Leonard's emergency ordinance on a Kelly Butte design.

Considering the financial world picture, it would only be prudent to stop moving forward on these projects. Give Senator Merkley the time he needs to assist our community from this horrendous debt.

The Oregon Democratic party is why I switched to being Independent.

A bunch of fake liberals that love to talk about fighting for the little guy, while sucking up to power on their knees.

That about covers it for all of Congress, and the Admin as well.

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