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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It can't happen here

Can it?

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I'm betting your buddy and mine...(soon to be former) A/C Martinek would top this list. WOW.

Blah blah blah accountability.

I hate to keep bring up this theme, but in this case, the IRS has it figured out. You want a job there? Audit. You have a job there? Annual audits on your returns. You mess up your returns (even minor details)? You lose that job.

Portland Police should require compliance with the law. You fail to pay your parking tickets, goodbye job.

Around here, I'm more concerned about their steroid and gun use than their parking habits...
But wouldn't it be sweet irony if something like this brought down a couple rogue thugs on the force instead of their actual felony offenses?

Wasn't there a New York mayor who made a connection with petty crime and major crime? When they started cracking down on the guys who did little stuff continually, the big stuff dropped off. I think it was called the 'broken windows campaign'.

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