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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Best wishes for a happy day to all mothers, and to all women who play that role in someone's life.

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Nice pics, Bog. Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful ladies out there!

No children of my body, but plenty of them of my heart. Thanks for noticing that biology isn't everything.

Someone is everyone!

I never knew my mother, who died in childbirth when I and my twin came along. Yet I did know her because we did spend nine months with her...and each other. The three of us.

My dad remarried a year later, and that was all right, but she's gone now too.

So treasure whomever is your mother, bio or otherwise.

Thanks Jack! Beautiful photos. I miss my mom who passed 26 years ago- it feels like yesterday. And my son is working all day- the newest lawyer in the firm!

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