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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sweep and snooze

The second round of the American pro hoops playoffs is turning out to be about as interesting as watching paint dry. The Lakers, Suns, and Magic are poised to sweep the Jazz, Spurs, and Hawks, respectively. No surprises there. Too bad for the Blazers, though -- they could have beaten the geezerly Spurs and found themselves in their conference's final round had they been able to outplay the Suns. Utah's putting up a decent fight, but Atlanta's horrible.

In the other series, Cleveland leads Boston 2 games to 1 at this writing, and we all know that it will take a miracle for Boston to win that series. Somebody wake me about three games into the Los Angeles Kobe vs. the Cleveland LeBron. That should be around Father's Day.

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Kobe is such an outstanding citizen...oh, right. He can afford not to be.

If you can find it on TV, the NHL playoffs have been great. Go Canucks!

Phoenix, with a better bench than it's ever had, is the real deal this year. We may have had the misfortune of playing the best team in the Western conference in the first round.

And speaking of miracles, Rajon Rondo had a triple double the likes of which has only been previously accomplished by Wilt and Oscar Robertson to get the Celts even with the Cavs.

"it will take a miracle for Boston to win that series"

I know I was wrng about S-A, but LeBron faking that elbow problem seems like he's setting himself for an early exit. He's not the type of player that can will Cleveland to a win like Kobe.

Besides you forget Orlando who hasn't lost yet even though Howard and Vin-sanity haven't had the best series.

Thought Suns-Spurs was surprisingly entertaining for a sweep. Each game was close, well-played, and had some kind of interesting sub-plot. For example, in Game 3, Goran Dragic went wild.

I agree with Rich about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Competitiveness, surprises by the bushel-full, upsets, and very little home ice advantage.

The NBA is reaping what it has sown with its star-oriented, different rules for different players, big-market slanted approach that devalues most of its teams. It's such a chalk league that there's almost no point in watching anything before the finals. It's astounding that, in a division where there was seven games difference between the #1 and #8 seeds, there's almost unanimous agreement on who the conference champion will be.

All of those short series mean fewer opportunities for sponsors to run commercials, so the league must be giving back a ton of sponsorship bucks or agreeing to future discounts or make-goods.

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