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Saturday, May 22, 2010

God bless America

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Sheesh! Everyone knows that's North Africa...

Why is he showing a map of Mexico?

Not only that, they're predicting a low of 49 degrees and it's already 48!

WGN is Chicago.

But of course, you know that!

FUNNY! Geo-ignorance never wanes!

In the 80s, I taught comm. college geography in downtown Chicago (WGN-land) The guy/ gal doing the map MUST have been one of my students.

In one class over 25% of the class labeled Florida as Africa! (and most of my students were current Chicago public school teachers!)

WGN is the first letter of each word of the slogan for the Chicago Tribune...World's Greatest Newspaper.

So much for their Geography.

I must confess that I was looking hard for the play button and finally looked closer at the image itself!

Yep! I'm from Chi-town!

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