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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forget bike lanes

New York City is way ahead of us.

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As a relatively new New Yorker, an Oregonian for 40 years, this is hilarious, but needed. Can't tell you how many tourists I've almost flattened because they stop in the middle of the sidewalk and look up.

Won't work for Oregonians visiting the Big Apple. They already ignore the "Slower Traffic Keep Right" signs.

I hope NY comes up with the idea of "green boxes" or stripping that indicates where a Tourist can go right or left across the New Yorker lane. Then they should consider bioswales cutouts in the sidewalk to handle all the moisture.

all kidding aside here's a park that has it above all located in New York


We recently spent a great week in NYC and especially enjoyed this park-beautiful, great views and no cars!

I grew up in NYC and you could always tell the tourists because they would walk side-by-side instead of single file. That is OK is there are just two of them, but they would do this in groups of 4 or more! Walking, especially midtown, was a lot like roller derby.

What was weird is when I moved to Portland I found people walked really really slow in downtown, but on hiking trails they would rush. They would come back from these ridiculous hikes and tell me how much they love nature. What love? They stepped on endangered plant species.

Um...won't the "tourist" lanes make easy targets for muggers and pickpockets?

ah New York...everytime I visit I am reminded exactly why I love the northwest so much...

DC's mayor intends to put two bike lanes down the center of Pennsylvania Avenue.

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