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Monday, May 3, 2010

Another reason to vote for Dan Saltzman

It's not just Homer Williams that loves "Legend" Dan. Now one of the Bus kids chirps up: "He's the best politician we have since Erik Sten ran away."

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Or, "Why I'm supporting Dan: blahblahblahblahteenytiny"

Have to take a look at Mary Volm as a "legend" Dan alternative.

" ... I've often thought that if Dan has one major fault, it's that he too often displays a stubborn and principled streak in the face of intense political opposition."

Yup, that's ol' Dan's biggest fault. He's just too darned principled.

I think a better nickname for Dan might be "The Wallpaper" because you forget he's there. But obviously he's been quietly taking care of people like Homer Williams.

It's kind of like the chickens and the pig voting on breakfast. Since the chickens hold the majority you can bank on what we will be served up - Socialism anyone?

Given the incredible bravado and nascissism in City Hall right now (Randy, Sam, Nick), I think "wallpaper" should be viewed as a compliment. I've never been a huge Dan fan, but sadly he is the best sitting council member at the moment. I truly never thought I'd say that. Mary Volm on the otherhand is quite crazy. I'd be really concerned if she won.

Speaking of leadership, just a little over a year ago, Mr Saltzman, having remained on the coast and incommunicado while the Adams scandal swirled, finally returned to Portland on January 22nd, grieving the "vacuum of leadership" and awaiting the AG's report from an investigation solicited by his three colleagues but which he refrained from requesting:

"Saltzman spoke with Adams last night as Saltzman was returning from the coast. 'He asked me what I thought, and I told him I would support him in what he decided to do,' Saltzman recalled. 'To me it’s a very sad time. I’ll mourn even more … if it becomes a major distraction for everyone in the city.'"

[ http://blogs.wweek.com/news/2009/01/22/adams-admission-reaction-saltzman-grieves-vacuum-of-leadership/ ]

"We've got apartment bunkers to build. It's no time to be dwelling on unimportant stuff like statutory rape and hush money."

My definition of crazy is Saltzman voting with Erik, and then with Sam and Randy consistently--then popping up around election time and calling himself a "Strong Independent Leader." That enough to make anyone crazy.

Socialism for the rich is fine?
Public pays, private benefits, isn't that a form of socialism, actually welfare?

Now about Saltzman.
He carries on about his concern for the children.
Why then is he going along with the rest- Mayor Adams, Leonard, Fish and Fritz, and not standing up for our healthy water? Their focus instead has been on the fast emergency track forward to the expensive projects. If we cannot stop this, our Bull Run water will be degraded with toxic and cancer causing chemicals, how healthy is that for children?

How healthy is it to have radon backed up into homes, schools? This is serious and yet? 20 years from now will we find out we have a community of lung problems?

His story of how he cares about the children and the hypocrisy of this needs to be exposed. It appears he only can care on some matters.

He should not be serving the public anymore, oh that's right, it isn't the public who are the masters!

From the Willamette Week link above:
Adams’ Admission Reaction: Saltzman Grieves “Vacuum of Leadership”

If Saltzman grieves "Vacuum of Leadership" why hasn't he become a leader himself? That is not his style and he should not be re-elected. We need leaders now, not followers.

Mary Volm,
Glad to see you on the thread.
What will you do if you are on council regarding keeping our Bull Run Water System and Reservoir treasure intact?

Are you aware that this EPA LT2 rule was based on politics not on science?

Are you aware that NYC has asked for a 10 year extension, however, our council refused to ask for a delay and instead moved forward on expensive projects?

Are you aware that our community will be over a billion dollars with debt for a public health problem that does not exist?

Chlorine kills E.coli.

One question I would love to ask Dan Saltzman: How come no one has performed an audit on his Children's Levy to determine whether the funds were spent on "cost effective" and "proven" programs?

"I think that Dan Saltzman is the most effective member of the Portland city council"

Talk about damning with faint praise. Any one for a cage match with Leonard the Crusher? - He'd kill him.

God, when the Mafia circles the wagons they sure do form a tight circle. They really need a few more branches on the political family tree, we're getting a little too closely bred.

"I've never been a huge Dan fan, but sadly he is the best sitting council member at the moment."

Got any facts like potholes filled, police shootings prevented, water rates lowered?

Saltzman acts like he fell out of a ventriloquist's lap.

You may not like Ms. Volm (and yes I have issues also), but keeping the same old fossils is a life line for every scam artists sucking at City Hall's teat.

Saltzman has kept his job by avoiding leadership. Anybody who's observed local politics and is willing to be honest knows this. He carefully plans what he "supports" for maximum election benefit.

So, he can continue to use the "good for children" I am and it sounds good at election time.

Maybe it is time for him to go into the private sector and start a foundation for children.

Look at the whole picture. Does he seem concerned about the city's debt? Who will be paying and paying?

Maybe it is time for him to go into the private sector and start a foundation for children.

Or run for a post at Multnomah County or Portland Public Schools, since the types of things he's clearly most interested in generally fall under the purview of MultCo and PPS and not the City. Maybe his protege Jeff Cogen can get him a County job . . .

All right then Jack, are you up to speed? Have you made the Saltzman = Liz Burns connection yet?? Or the wrongful funds transfer from the children's levy? I heard it on Taft this morning.

I recently sent Dan Saltzman the following message -- he has yet to respond:

The accomplishments page of your campaign website states, "As part of his tireless advocacy for children, Dan delivered more resources to preventing, investigating and arresting more child abusers and added positions in the Portland Police Bureau’s Child Abuse Team."

All very admirable.

Yet you include the name of admitted child rapist, Matt Hennesee, on your list of endorsements. Can you please explain this moral and ethical dissonance?

Sorry folks, but Dan is just like the rest of council- withholding the truth...seems he cares more about his girlfriend than the children. (Sorry it's the Mercury - but it seems no one else has picked up on this yet?!?)


So ole' Matt Hennesee, who likes little girls to sit on his lap in church and never!!! met ANY PDC developer he didn't adore is endorsing "Dan the Legend"?
Well that pretty much says it all, doesn't it?
Same old, same old...
When is some one going to be brave enough to stand up and throw all of these bums OUT?
My God this is depressing!

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