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Friday, October 9, 2009

Get my Muse on the phone

We've been remiss in not getting our entries together in the contest to design a new masthead for the city's Portland Online website. Time is running out -- we have only until a week from Monday to come up with our perfect image capturing the essence of today's Portlandia.

Our first attempt didn't generate a lot of buzz, and as you can see, subsequent efforts are still coming up short:

These aren't quite doing it, folks. Maybe someone with better design skills can help us out here.

Comments (7)

You're right, Jack. Looks like we'll need to retain some consultants from Europe to come and study us and issue a recommendation for the new mashead. The costs? doesn't matter, just pull it out of some TIF or UR fund!

Those may not be fall-out-of-your-chair funny, but they are still dead on funny. You maybe need to make the top one more clearly underage and showing an envelope full of cash, though.

I can't keep my eyes off that last one ...

I dunno, I've always loved the Pirates on the Willamette scene --- you just need to finish the job and put them into Riverfront Park with Big Pink in the background and it's perfect (I suppose you could find an angle to put the Sellwood Bridge in the background too, maybe with another photoshop of that collapsed bridge in the Twin Cities).

Or...hanging off the tram in that fakey rescue attempt; or splatting against the John Ross down in SoWhat?

Leonard and Adams in togas doing the Roman entwined-arms goblet-sharing scene, under the neon rose. Ben-Hur, ya know?

BTW, I claimed the recallrandyleonard domain name yesterday.

Oh, and a pincer movement, military operation-style, is afoot on Adams, in case anyone thought this was going away.

What is the deal with the cat in the 3rd scene?

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