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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hard at work

Now that we see that the City of Portland's started a contest for a new banner for Portland Online, the city's official website, we're keen on getting into the hunt. A $1,000 cash prize is up for grabs here, and we could use the extra dough. We've got until October 19 to get our entry in, but already we've got some ideas. What do you think of this one?

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Well, on the same page CoP pats itself on the back for the computer systme only $20M over budget (per the O):


PortlandOnline is getting more like Pravda, but without the truck factory openings.

"The city that works you over."

...I'm sure it's already been rigged. The person Sammy owes a favor or needs to keep quiet will have the winning entry without any others being looked at. Keeping with tradition, they can pick up their cash bribe, er loan er I mean "prize" envelope at the city hall reception desk, after hours.

By the By the computer system does not work nearly as well as the love-fest states. Lots of problems passing data back to the subsystems and payroll is still in "pilot" mode (that means beta testing). The overrun does not include the hidden costs out in the bureaus. "The emporer has no clothes"

Portland...city of jerks!

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