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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Call me Huck

Today I did something I had done only once before, more than a decade ago: paddle around on a river in a kayak. Growing up in Newark, floating on the nearby rivers was something one would never consider doing. Of course, not knowing what I was doing, I cut a comical figure out there today. Thanks to the locals for not saying what they were thinking.

Comments (3)

You're not getting set to take on Palouse Falls, are you?


If so, the "entry position" includes ducking and holding the paddle with both hands to one side or the other of the kayak. Please make a note of it.

If you ever want to visit some amazing places that are only accessable by water, several of your former students would enjoy guiding you around and teaching you what you need to know, as a small token of appreciation.

When I lived in Hunterdon County by the Rariton River, we used to go bridge jumping all the time, even after my brother got staph infection. Perhaps we should have heeded the warnings (which included the green foam that would collect around the banks) about the water, but it was just too fun ... and far enough away from Newark, I suppose.

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