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Thursday, June 25, 2009

What would Jesus pack?

Oregonians are notorious for not being much of a churchgoing bunch, but this program might get some folks out this way into the pews.

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Once upon a time I read, probably in the N.Y. Times, that Berea Colllege in Kentucky, was founded in a bar with a bible being placed on a table and a Colt .45 on top of it. Of course that's an interesting start for one of the more interesting schools in the country. Maybe the state run colleges in Oregon could learn something from Berea.

Not me unless a church installs a shooting range. That might just be what is takes to convert me.

I think Jesus might carry a Sig Sauer. Sigs are favored by law enforcement worldwide and elite units like the Navy SEALs(Lars Larson, by the way, also carries a Sig; a P239 Two Tone). Sigs are very reliable, easy to strip and clean but do need to be kept well lubricated.

I seriously don’t think Jesus would want to kill anybody, even if attacked. He would probably just want to fire off a warning shot or two or at the very worst just slightly wound His assailant.

Therefore, because “stopping power” would not be an important factor for Him, He would probably want a Sig that shoots a lower caliber round; a .308ACP or even a 22LR. My best guess is that He’d go for the Sig P238, the P232 or the Mosquito which fires the 22LR.

Now on to some concealed carry(CC) discussion.

I have no idea what Christ would be wearing should He decide to descend from heaven. If He wears traditional garb circa 32 AD; flowing robes, etc., He’d have a myriad of CC options on the various areas of His Body because this type of clothing of course conceals so much.

But if He chooses to wear modern clothing there are only two real-and very popular choices: the inside waste band holster(IWB) or the outside waste band holster(OWB).

If He prefers wearing His shirts tucked in, He’d probably go for the IWB holster. If He’s a gentleman of a more casual bent, He’d probably prefer an OWB worn with His shirts untucked. I can easily imagine Him, for example, wearing an OWB with a hoodie.

As with all concealed carry issues, much depends on where exactly Jesus decides to first bless us with His Presence. If He lands here in Multnomah County He will need to take a CC permit training course, then apply for a CC permit, which includes being finger printed and a waiting period while a background check is performed before He actually receives His permit.

Because He tends to be law abiding though I don’t think He’ll have any problem with our CC laws.


That would certainly make one of those schismatic disagreements that tend to arise between protestant christians all the more interesting.

And, if the pastor gives a crappy sermon, you can just stand up and shoot him.

Since I'm not going to be anywhere near where that happens, I think it's just fine, and fraught with some really worthy potential.

Well, it might work in eastern Oregon, but in Portland ... ew, guns are so dirty and so savage. No, the 'metros' in Portland and Eugene will perish due to their inability to properly use a firearm.

Dear native oregonian,

I am a naturalized Oregonian (32 years and counting). I've lived in PDX all 32 years. Any time you'd like to go target shooting, let me know. I am sure I can give you a run with hand guns. Oh yeah, I am registered Democrat. And what I believe about gun control is that criminals should not have them. Beyond that I am happy it's so very easy to own guns in OR, unlike NY.

Morale of story, your generalizations are pure fantasy. Knock it off.

LucsAdvo -
Morale of the story, you're probably not a 'Metro' either.

I love Geoff's analysis...

...but re: CC, I think the article highlights the total lack of need for CC. Most places allow Open Carry, and these people in KY want to condition the public to accept the law as it stands, which allows people to do just that, carry on your hip.

I think it would be good for Portland to do this as well. Could you imagine the reaction if all of a sudden, people of all walks of life, ages, etc strapped on a holster? At first it would be what happen in KY (and maybe what spurred this display), where cops got calls about somebody with a gun, and they came running, and "took him down" in a aggressive fashion, until they were informed that it was actually legal for that person to walk around with a gun on their side, no different than the cop. Lots of people had no idea that the general public could do that.

My bet, we will see legislation in next session removing the Open Carry laws across the US.

I feel so much safer now that I know a bunch of middle-aged walter mitty types pack heat. When I travel in Europe I quake with fear at the prospect of civilians without access to concealed hand guns.



yuan.... you ought to be worried if you travel in Italy. The cops there pack fully automatic machine guns in airports and on the streets.... if they decide to use them, it's likely they will hit a lot more than the bad guys as that is the nature of the weapon and then of course there is the fact that the Italian cops cannot exactly shoot straight. Meanwhile, if the Iranian citizens had access to guns, the b.s. election would have been fixed quickly.

Will be spending the morning of Independence Day (a day far to important to be referred to as simply Fourth of July) with my pastor and his kids at the range.

If you apply these three, you will be on the path to being safe
1) *Always* keep your muzzle in a safe direction.
2) *Always* keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
3) *Always* keep your gun unloaded until ready to use.

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