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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sergio's gone

Flashy Blazers benchwarmer Sergio Rodriguez has been traded to Sacramento, pretty much for nothing. It's part of lots of jockeying around in pro basketball in connection with today's college player draft.

We liked Sergio, wished we could have seen a little more of him on the court, and wish him some much-needed luck in Sacto, which has become a bit of an NBA graveyard these days.

Comments (4)

Hope this doesn't bum out Rudy. Probably won't, but Sergio was his wingman last year.

Sergio should get a lot of minutes in Sacto. Their main point guard last year was Benno Udrih and he's not even as good as Steve Blake.

Remember we passed over DaJuan Blair twice.

Steve-- You mean the guy with no ACL's?

Adios, Spanish Chocolate.

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