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Monday, June 22, 2009

The ball's back in Willamette Week's court

Willamette Week works in mysterious ways. Its timing in releasing its blockbuster scandal stories -- Goldschmidt, Adams, and others -- is always impossible to figure out. And it never seems to spill everything it's got; it always seems to be playing poker.

Thus we find ourselves wondering what's to happen next in the Mayor Creepy scandal. Predictably, the facts that were enough to throw the entire city into a tizzy these last five months were not enough to force anyone in law enforcement to do anything about them. And so now we must wonder what else the boys at WW have on the mayor, whether they have any reason to share it, and how they might decide what more to air and when.

Clearly, on this one, nobody else in town is going to make anything happen, or they would have done so by now.

If you strike a king, you must kill him. But here, the king, though wounded, is still at it. Was that the plan -- to throw him off but keep him in power? Who knows? As ever, we watch and wait.

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Shining the "light" on Creepy's support structure might be interesting.


Ronald, you should switch to decaf after noon.

If you are surprised that there will be no charges filed in this case, you shouldn't be.

Looking at the big picture, WW already decapitated the beast, i.e. the Goldschmidt gang.

The headless rump continues to govern, and the fearful sycophants continue to pay tribute to the mortally wounded beast.

But seriously, how long can Goldschmidt's network hold together, especially once Uncle Ted is done in Salem?

Isn't he the reigning king, with Adams more of a pawn?

I'm hoping the secret word is MEXICO.

Maybe it's just me, but perhaps folks can give some thought to ratcheting down use of the word "scandal"?

The guy stole an election by bald-faced lying about his opponent. To me that alone is scandalous -- and there's way more here than that, prosecution or none.

Actually, it's the O that has made the first post-"probe" contribution to the continuing disintegration of the image voters had been encouraged to accept about Mr Adams prior to last January:

It looks like Adams' mortgages and his hush money stopped getting paid in February ...

I see it not as a failure of WW but the absolute, disgusting arrogance of Sam Adams.

Lesee, accuser paid off....check.

Lied to everyone who inquired about the issue.....check.

Hired the reporter who was getting close and gave her a cush job in city hall....check.

AG won't press charges because the accuser and only witness is "damaged goods"....check.

And so it goes. Sam could care less; he's covered his tracks and the only option left is if enough citizens are outraged enough to do something about it.

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