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Monday, June 22, 2009

Lents "citizen advisory" group ready to wash hands of Paulson

An alert reader sends along a copy of a message -- or at least a draft of one -- apparently sent earlier today from the chair of the Lents "urban renewal" citizen advisory board:

From: Ocana-Chiu, Juan Carlos (PDC)
To: Adams, Sam; Leonard, Randy; Fish, Nick; Fritz, Amanda; Saltzman, Dan
Cc: Wilhoite, Charles; Andrews, Scott; Ferran, Bertha; Mohlis, John; Straus, Steven; Witcosky, Keith J.; Miller Dowell, Amy; Cronin, Kevin; Ocana-Chiu, Juan Carlos (PDC); [many others omitted -- JB]
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 1:44 PM
Subject: Letter regarding June 25th meeting

Sent on behalf of Cora Potter, Chair of the Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Advisory Committee.

From: Cora Potter
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 1:06 PM
To: Ocana-Chiu, Juan Carlos (PDC)
Subject: *DRAFT* Letter regarding June 25th meeting

Mayor Adams and Commissioners,

After conferring individually with members of the LTCURAC, I regret that the LTCURAC can not, in good faith, make a recommendation to allocate funding to the AAA Ballpark at the Walker Stadium site.

A key component to the success of any project is the presence of a willing and enthusiastic development partner, public or private. As of Friday, June 19, 2009 we were informed that key component is no longer a part of this proposal. This makes any further deliberation on the opportunities and challenges associated with the project difficult to conduct in a manner that addresses the project rather than the current circumstances. In addition, without additional input and details from the project proposer, we can not make an adequate and informed recommendation.

In order to allow our volunteer committee time to recoup and prepare to address other strategies for advancing the goals of the LTCURA plan, I am canceling the special meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 25. The next meeting of the LTCURAC will be on the regular meeting date of July 14, 2009.

Thank you, and City and PDC staff for your support during this process. The LTCURAC looks forward to exploring additional project opportunities in the future and to continuing to work with you on advancing the goals of the Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Plan, and the East Portland Action Plan.


Cora Lee Potter
Chair, Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Advisory Committee
So much for Fireman Randy's (and the Oregonian's) idea that the committee must vote. It appears that the Lents stadium is now as dead as a doornail.

Comments (7)

Whoop! Whoop!

Ever see "Night of the Living Dead"?

I think it's more like Whac-a-Mole. Look for the baseball stadium to resurface somewhere else. Over in the North Pearl District (somewhere around the Fremont Bridge) would be my next guess. Homer and the boys want that land for condos, and the new Lincoln High School, but Little Lord Paulson could bump one of them out of the line.

Over in the North Pearl District (somewhere around the Fremont Bridge) would be my next guess.

Seems like one unspoken prerequisite has been that the city already owns the land... hence the PPS headquarters adjacent to the Rose Quarter was not in consideration.

If land has to be purchased, the price tag goes up immensely, especially if we're contending for it with the condo gang. Paulson's shopping for city-owned land.

"Over in the North Pearl District (somewhere around the Fremont Bridge) would be my next guess."

You guys just don't have enough imagination. The new stadium will be built on the west side of the current site of Lincoln High School. (With enough room left over for a big condo bunker or two). The new Lincoln High will anchor the new urban renewal complex over by the Fremont bridge (with enough room left over for a condo bunker or two). See two new areas for condo bunkers for the price of a new City built basball stadium and a new school building.


When was the first coup?

I'm sure the residents of Lents appreciate that the committee felt the need to send a "draft" of the letter before just submitting their recommendations. That way, Dumb and Dumber (Sam and Randy) can chime in with their requested changes and spin before the "official" letter is released to the press.

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