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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet nothings from the Goldschmidt people

We got our bill from the gas company the other day. The much ballyhooed refund was on there, but it wasn't as much as the newspaper stories had led us to believe it would be. And those crafty devils at NW Natural had the nerve to offset it partially by charging us something called an "income tax true-up." Something about their 2007 taxes. Whatever, fellas.

Then we open the paper and see what they're spending our hard-earned money on. No wonder we love them so much.

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A good reason to never, never, never have annual legislative sessions and to use only alternative energy as soon as you can.

I paid a fortune to heat my tiny rental house this winter. The $25 credit I received on this month's bill hardly makes up for what I spent on their inflated fuel prices since last November.

Me = bitter natural gas user.

ahhh--LNG piplines running across miles and miles property that's been acquired with eminent domain. And scores of "green" pipeline crossings of streams and rivers. All set up by FERC and Cheney. Now it's feeding time.

Par for the course. "Obama environmentalism", in the guise of big-hat-no-cattle Ken Salazar, is all about alternative energy, and ripping apart the land for wind farms, solar fields, geothermal plants, LNG, and all the sundry transmission lines and storage depots.

Another great piece of investigative blogging by Jack Bogdanski!

I got my new bojack stickers!


With AFL/CIO in bed with Oregon Industries, Business Alliance, and Chamber of Commerce you know you have been bent over and the cattle prod is coming.

You can use it to pay the 18% bump in water rates strting in July.

Funny, I thought inflation was like 1%?

Sorry to be contrary again, but doesn't simple economics say that this will LOWER our heating bills because it will increase the supply of natural gas. (LNG is natural gas that has been liquified for easier shipment - it is turned back into a gas, at the terminal, to feed the pipeline.)

We take people's land for view sheds, for light rail and to implement planner's idiot schemes, why not a thin strip (which can still be farmed) to really benefit people by getting all of us lower cost home heating?

Now many people have to choose between food and heat at today's prices?


We got a $8.99 refund and they charged us
$8.49 for the 2007 "true-up". What the ?
How convenient. Thugs.

I used to work for the company that handled electronic payments for both Northwest Natural and PGE. Every morning when I came in, I knew firsthand exactly how much the executives of both utilities loved you, because I'd have to talk down at least one customer who called customer service to find out what the hell was going on and was told "I'll have to transfer you to [old workplace]. They'll be able to tell you why your bill is so high." Naturally, we had no way of accessing billing information, but PGE in particular could save money by getting irate customers off their phone lines that much sooner.

(If it helps, the worse the utility, the more likely it was to hire a third-party entity to handle its online and phone payments. Eighty percent of our calls came from American Electric Power, which was so bad about dumping calls on us that we were forbidden, on pain of termination, to set up conference calls with AEP reps after those reps had told the customer to call us. We were spending too much time making those pwecious snowflakes out as liars, you see, and that was cutting into valuable profits by using up their telephone juice. Or something.)

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