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Monday, June 8, 2009

Reader poll: Who's doing better, Fish or Fritz?

The two newbies on the Portland City Council have had a while to settle into their new positions. Which one's doing a better job so far?

Who's off to a better start as a Portland city commissioner?
Nick Fish
Amanda Fritz
It's a tie
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Comments (8)

It appears that Fritz is more impressionable than Fish, and she is more easily influenced by Sam or Randy than Fish.

Their initial reactions to the "Sam Lied about Beau" news is very telling.

That said, I don't think he has the guts to run for Mayor after Creepy is indicted.

Fish's political ambitions aspiring to places far beyond this office are palpable. That's my main disappointment with him. I don't sense any of that from Fritz.

Why not pit the two new rays of hope against the ususal suspects in a poll. Rather than pit them against eachother.

It is still a race to the bottom. I can't believe that this is the best we can expect for Portland.

Ms Fritz has only been in office since January; Mr Fish arrived last summer, following the resignation of Eric What-was-his-name. We haven't seen enough of Ms Fritz to lift her from the grimy soles of Mr Adams.

We certainly haven't noticed anything Ms Fritz has done to mitigate the insult that ONI has become to the residents of Portland:

One would almost believe last year's Auditor's report on ONI was not reviewed by Ms Fritz, nor the follow-up WW piece(s) by former reporter Cory Pein:

I was disappointed in Amanda's public statements after the Sam Adams sex scandal broke. She is a mother of three, and I would hope that her expectations of adults who interact with children would be much higher than what she expressed. She should have condemned the Mayor for his actions rather than saying words to the effect that "people do crazy things sometimes". I know that Sam is a friend of hers, but when your friends molest children they stop being your friends the instant you find out that it's true.

Fish I'm not so sure about, but I do like the fact that he is standing up to the Paulson soccer/AAA madness. Amanda gets major points for this as well. She needs to get off the Sam Adams bandwagon ASAP however, or I'm over her in a big way.

Truer words about ONI were never spoken, espoecially for folks trying to break in to their local NA. There's an issue before us right now where residents are complaining about not being accurately represented by their NA.

from the March thread:
"In addition, ONI has continued to allow huge discrepancies in the way individual neighborhood associations conduct themselves, especially with regards to their communications and public processes that shut out residents and encourage single issue NIBMY's and neighborhood cranks to run things.

Finally, ONI has been absolutely idiotic about sitting at the table and participating in decisions with other bureaus, thus keeping themselves fairly checked out as to key decisions and issues around neighborhoods.

Screw 'em. Time for a better model.

Posted by OniNeedstoDie | March 19, 2009 12:56 PM

Fritz is a follower who seems could blow in the wind politically when it suits her, but they're all like that.

Personally, I think City Council needs to apologize to Portland for voting for that pay raise. I'm glad Fritz and Fish didn't take the raise but they all need to be held accountable for including this increase in the budget they voted for.

It is simply preposterous that when 12%+ in Portland are unemployed, bureaucrats not only eat from the trough, but want more more more.

Come election time, Leonard, Saltzman, Fritz, Fish and (of course) Mayor Creepy will not get my vote. This is no longer "The City that Works", but "The City with Perks". As a taxpayer, I'm tired of it. Did you hear me Fritz? Fish?

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