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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oops -- they did it again

Found in the fish tank today: another 30 or so baby guppies:

The grownups must be Catholic or Mormon.

We now clearly have too many of these little folks on our hands. Free to good homes!

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This is sorta like zucchini this time of year. We never grow it because there's always them that does.

What you have, sir, is the dilemma of a teeming supply of flushable surplus.

At least they're not rabbits, or alligators...

I await the tale of how you sort this out.

Right now, segregation of the males and females into separate tanks is being considered.

Do you have a cat?

Just asking.


If you have a pool or any standing water in your back yard that would otherwise have a problem with mosquitoes, you now have new tenants with a long-running reputation for pest control. Just sayin'.

I'd recommend breaking out Henry Huggins, by Beverly Cleary. Henry has prolific guppies too, which he keeps in his mom's canning jars. Eventually she starts canning things, and Henry has to find a fish solution. A NE Portland classic.

Even though it was kind of funny, I have to point out that if a conservative made the "Catholic or Mormon" crack, s/he'd be blasted to hell and back by the liberal left.

P.S. Thanks for giving Kenny Rankin his due.

Never mind, Catholics and Mormons are probably fair game in the liberal left ideology.

Hey, I wasn't offended, and I used to be so Catholic that I was studying for the priesthood. Both my best friend and I come from very large Catholic families (he was second of eight kids), and we both laugh louder at the "Miracle of Birth" sequence in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life than just about anybody else. (Well, my mother laughs louder, but that's because not only did she convert in order to marry my father, but she also worked as a Labor & Delivery nurse for decades. She personally related tales of hospital administrators who were even more ignorant than the one in the movie.)

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