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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Metro Y is no more

Word is that the space, next to Duniway Park at the foot of Terwilliger Boulevard, is being taken over by a private Seattle-based fitness outfit. We've blogged about our issues with the Metro Y folks here before; it is not surprising that they're having to fold.

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I've been a member for the past two years there and liked the facilities as well as it being about five minutes from our offices. The upstairs track was a real bonus; allowing me to walk and jog three miles 3-4X a week when the weather outside was cold, wet and miserable. But the place needs some serious freshening and upgrades; and it's unfortunate the Y doesn't have the funds to do so. Onlt timw will tell if a private operator can do better and keep similar rates.
I've never had any issues with the desk staff, Jack. In fact, the young folks taking care of that this year are the best they've ever had.

I'll confirm everything Dave notes.

When I hear the term "upscale" used, I cringe. To me that means higher costs and more of a 'meat market' ambiance. My bet is I'll be going elsewhere soon.

This is a real shame. I'd had been a member there for about 10 years and as things started hitting the skids I moved my membership over to Beaverton.

The "Y" used to stand for something.


and operated with an actual sense of values.

Now its just another health club who's board of directors is only interested in money.

I guess that's the way everything is going these days, money money money.

Too bad money won't save anybody in the end.

What a shame.

Just thought I would share the perspective of the Y and appreicate the opportunity to join in the conversation.

When the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette board of directors made the decision two years ago to sell the Metro Family YMCA it was a difficult decision that took into consideration the many, many years the Y has provided services in this location. The decision was mission-based with a goal of serving more children and families of all socioeconomic backgrounds by investing in other locations and searching for new sites where communities have a need.

The volunteer board is interested in safeguarding the YMCA to ensure that we will be able to serve the community for many, many years to come so yes that does mean being good stewards of our resources.

Members have lots of options. They might decide to continue to participate at the Y, and the Beaverton Family YMCA is one option. Continuing as a member at that location by joining AllStar Fitness is another option and we understand Y membership dues are being honored. We think that is great. Absolutely, renovations are needed and AllStar has lots of plans. There are other nonprofit options downtown.

Thanks for the compliments on staff at this site. Many will continue with AllStar Fitness.

We very much appreciate the long-term support of members, staff, volunteers and donors that have been an important part of the Metro Y. This site is truly an icon in our community and this is certainly a change for our YMCA. We will continue to be here, providing services.

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