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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The cool kids told me they were watching ice hockey, not basketball, tonight. So at halftime of hoops, I switched over to the end of the hockey game. Glad I did -- an intense finish.

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Awesome finish!! Go Pens! I'm actually not that big a Pens fan but I really, really don't like the Dead Things. Growing up outside of Toronto will do that to you. There's a basketball game??

Game 7, huh?

It's about time I start watching hockey this season.

Great athleticism, strength, agility, drama! Great stuff! Don't miss it Friday, if you're a sportsperson. Game 7, Stanley Cup. Very intense. GO PENS!

17,132 real live people actually attended the game tonight.

In Pittsburgh, when the games were played in Detroit (and prior series away games) they've averaged around 2,000 people watching a giant t.v. from lawn chairs and couches on the grass outside the Penguins' arena. Even for some of the home games, which were sell-outs, the team had the giant t.v. set up. NBC has been petulant about their broadcasts, though, and not allowing them to be shown outside. MSM hosers. Versus, Fox, and others were great about it.

Lots of good clean family fun -- and in the heart of downtown, to boot!

P.S. Good luck in the draft Blazers!

Hello - I have a question about property tax abatement for large scale residential developers. T.O.D.s offer 10 years of tax abatement? Let's say a developer proposes and gets approved a 65,377 Sq. Ft. new and primarily residential development...and gets in line at the PDC for the TOD program because he does not want to pay property taxes on it for a decade. Who the heck is paying his share? And how can Randy Leonard deny his constituents all that revenue...besides forcing them to slash public school budgets I mean?


Huge residential developments, no property tax for a decade for large scale developers...Is this right?


I was a Marion Hossa fan when he was with the Winter Hawks in 1998, the year the Hawks won the Memorial Cup. I went to Spokane and watched the tourney. Hope he gets a chance to hoist the Cup with the Red Wings on Friday night.

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