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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crammers' best friend

We just completed an annual ritual -- lecturing to folks who are preparing to take the summer Oregon bar exam -- for another year. Sixty hours of tax law talk boiled down into four -- or just a little over four. Three times a summer, and up and down the valley.

Now that we've got the usual customers caught up, maybe we ought to head into overtime and give this guy a call. He looks as though he could use some brush-up work.

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Hey, he's just the Sheriff of the most populous county in the state. Why should he be required to know the law?

I sat in on your 4-hour, pre-bar lecture when I studied for the bar several years ago. You are the only person I know who can make tax entertaining. You have my undying gratitude!

Nice of you to help out. We're going to need all the lawyers we can get to settle this Michael Jackson estate. Before this is over, Jerry Garcia's going to seem organized.

Smarter than a 5th grader?

I like the fact Sheriff Skipper can't pass a test of today's "laws" or whatever.

What do we expect? Unlike in the wild west he once tamed, it's no longer legal to shoot horse and timber thieves who are facing you. Is it fair to blame him for not keeping up on those details?

Seriously, the man looks like he drinks kerosene and wrestles grizzly bears, which are qualities I look for in a sheriff. He can run the riff raff out of town, and finally bring law and order to our dirty port city.

Gilligan . . . the Skipper, too . . . the millionaire and his wife . . .

Ahh, but yet another case of Oregon mediocrity spiraling around the drain toward pathetic.

Go by streetcar to your green job at Waste Management.

I remember the 2001 bar bri tax prep class

Thanks for making tax law interesting.

I remember your line about allowing wealthy to deduct mtg intert but limiting tax relief for student loan payments:


I'd cut Skipper some slack - any MultCo Sheriff with the guts to slam the incompetent/crooked Judy Shiprack like he did on the Willy Week video is on the side of the Angels. And compared to his predecessor....

MCSO the gift that keeps giving.

I'm with Morbius.
Written tests frequently dwell on parsing minutiae and never examine management or administrative skill.

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