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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We've had a couple of folks asking about the banner currently sitting at the top of this blog. Here is the original photo, which we goofed around with using Photoshop. It was taken by a friend of ours last week with an iPhone from the eco-roof of the Multnomah County Building at Grand and Hawthorne in Portland. The place is open to the public.

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I can see why you had questions. I would pay good money for a piece (had a sam adams moment on the spelling of this one) of art like this.

looks like the liquefaction of the downtown core. Liquefaction is when solid ground start to act like a liquid during an earthquake. Usually unconsolidated material like a floodplain. Like the entire floor of the Willamette Valley. Could also be heat refraction from global warming. Lets all hope that global warming gets us before the catastrophic earthquake does.

I enjoyed the original photo and the Photoshop redux, but I thought you weren't into eco-roofs (or is it eco-rooves?).

It's a waste of money, but now that it's there, we may as well I enjoy it. I rode the aerial tram [rim shot] once, too -- the kids made me do it with them.

It's seeing the world through watercolor filter.

I can see your point.

Though I feel the tram was a waste of civic cash, I kinda like hiking the 4-T's Trail from the Zoo to Council Crest, then walking down to OHSU and riding the tram down to SoWhat. I even invited my niece and nephew to ride it with me when they visit PDX later this summer.

I have to admit I am much more likely to ride the tram from OHSU to the river because it is free of charge to go down. I think it's $4 for the public to ride the other direction.

Note to anyone thinking about doing this hike: The tram is closed on Sundays.

Neat picture. You've got the gist of the artistic filters of Photoshop.

Yep, plenty of years ago I worked in that building when it was USBancorp Retail Finance Center. I would take my breaks on that patio, only then it was just boring cement. I could see my apartment from there also. Like yesterday...

Wow, can't believe it was PS. Was going to email to find out who the artist was. Nice banner.

Last time I was in that building security was very.........evident.

Here is just a master PhotoShop artist, chris jordan, Seattle, it says, and his works the last couple of years. Huzzah, huzzah!

I like your Portland Through a Glass Wetly, too, Jack.

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