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Monday, February 23, 2009

Your tax dollars at work -- one at a time

When the historians write about the downfall of America, they can start with this anecdote.

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Well, that's phenomenally absurd, isn't it?

Only a Dem could dream this one up.

Now that's "Change We All Can Believe In". (Well, technically not change, since each check was an even buck.) That's at least a third of a million dollars absolutely wasted. Absolutely wasted.

When almost a trillion dollars is handed out like candy, you can count on the fact that a lot of it will be flushed down the toilet. And that's only after a bunch of it is stolen and handed out to the buddies and contributors who made this all possible. With absolutely no concern for the taxpayers. None. Nada.

Chump change.

Check this out. Know where the bailout money went? The Cayman Islands.


Actually it's the state government getting creative to work around federal regulations...to provide help to low income people....should we just get rid of the welfare state?

Check this out. Know where your American life went? 300 weeks. 1200 billion ("off budget") dollars.

Or in the 'backstory,' Check this out. almost 1000 bases spread across over 100 countries ... why does the USGovt spend more on the military than all the rest of the countries on Earth combined?

Over a Trillion dollars EVERY YEAR is 'handed out' to the Pentagon.

Now what's this commotion about a third of a million dollars 'handed out' among six million people in Washington State so some people have some food to eat ...?

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