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Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking a break

According to this blog post, Portland Mayor Creepy's boyfriend is "on leave" from his job as a reporter at the city's daily newspaper.

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The blogger seams to miss that Ruiz admits she was not qualified for the job, leaving a reporter to imply the most plausible reason. Sort of an odd post that just digs around the edges.
The questions about whether the O should have been firing people should probably read that the O shouldn't be in bed with these people in the first place, it continues to hamper their ability to report the news!

Before, I could give or take Sam Adams as mayor. But there's so much stink coming off this increasingly large pile of crap...

Wake up Portland. Recall this jerk, we can do a lot better.

I think you should go with Mayor McCreepy. It has more of a Grey's Anatomy ring to it, which fits this whole sordid situation.

Shouldn't that be "current boyfriend" or "the man Mayor Creepy is currently sleeping with"?

Don't work too hard to describe the situation. It's subject to change without notice.

You know, I have said it on this very blog.
This whole story is icky. I wish it would go away. And I want to forget it, badly.

I only read this blog to remind myself to of the need to actively participate in shaming the shameless, and getting my checkbook out come recall time.

We need to keep the fires hot for when we can dump this guy.

BTW Jack, would that money be deductable on my state income tax? Or is that question crossing the line?

Maybe he needs to spend more time keeping on eye on his man?

"Shouldn't that be "current boyfriend" or "the man Mayor Creepy is currently sleeping with"?"

No, it should be one of Mayor Crepy's current hook ups.

Remember Sam is a slut. :)

"Sam is a slut"...according to my sources; always has been, probably always will want to be.
Sluts usually have a shelf life. This one sure is stinky.

Sam couldn't help going after that young stuff. After all Beau is so beautiful and his name is enough to excite a straight man. We have to accept the moral decline that is more prevalent every day if we are to reach the level of success that the Romans did.

Gresham, Or.

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