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Monday, February 16, 2009

Wonk heaven

Having trouble sleeping? Dig right in to all this City of Portland budget stuff.

Comments (4)

Yikes !! Proposed retail water rates to increase 17.9%

And if you weren't having any trouble sleeping? Now you'll be keeping one eye open at night with 47 fewer cops out there.

Be really nice if they could just put this stuff into a simple to read income & expense statement.

"you'll be keeping one eye open at night with 47 fewer cops out there."

The Police Union should learn better not to criticize Sam.

We aren't going to cut any trolleys, right?

Nobody's going to close the Esplanade or the Tram, are they?

Do you think PGE Park and Portland Center Stage won't have to return their subsidies?

The Tryon Creek Hippie farm and Rojo de Steffey's newspaper building are still safe from the wrecking ball, eh buddy?

Whew! I was worried there, for a second.

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