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Monday, February 2, 2009

Round round, get around, he gets around

Here's an interesting correction from the New York Times. Aside from being a liar and a cradle-robber, has anyone yet mentioned that the mayor is a slut?

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This quote from the linked material could easily become the new motto for the Times:

"If The Times had turned up the information earlier, it would have been included in the article."

That's why I like to call him Sam the Tramp.

He's like the gay version of Bernie Giusto.

I've seen mention of the slut thing before.
It seems Adams' reputation is he's a Gay man of many hook ups.

A real class act.

But it's his personal life so it doesn't matter.
When it comes to his job and city hall he's thorouhgly dignified.

Well, except when he's in the mensroom.

Yes. Actually, the quote was "sloppy man-whore," but that's close enough to "slut," isn't it?

Does anyone know who put up the large "Forgive" sign next to the westbound access to the Hawthorne Bridge? (I assume it's about Sam.)

It looks like if he has a few more affairs Sam will have half of the voters in the recall tied up.

Our persecuted mayor could have a second career as a theatre director.


So, in the last few weeks I've heard about a number of the mayor's ex boyfriends (information I would have been happy to be without -- but you can't put the genie back in the bottle; now even the NY Times is telling the world about his dating life). And by most accounts, they are very presentable and accomplished men. So why the heck did Sam feel the need to take up with somebody more than 20 years younger -- CONSIDERING the fact he already was A. in the public eye as a city commissioner and B. planning to run for mayor? He clearly wasn't have a problem getting a date.

Why risk it, no matter how hot and/or "legal" the kid was?

That's just the pure stupid part I don't get. And says volumes about his judgment. Had I known then what I know now, I wouldn't have voted for him.

Time to go, Mr. Mayor. I feel sorry for all of us.

Why risk it, talea? Have you seen Beau? That strapping young lad has sharp features, and tighter, hem, muscles than those accomplished men.

Sam may be a compulsive liar, but at least our randy mayor has good taste in interns. Our commissioner Randy has bad taste in mayors, and maybe a lot of things when it comes to running a city. Anonymom hopes this episode causes a moment of reflection.

Seriously, this shows that Sam is a man who lives in the moment. A tight young thing like Beau (or a pretty streetcar network) now, future consequences be damned. The justifications are similar, too. Beau is the young, troubled personification of the streetcar system that nobody would help nurture. Sam took both under his wing.

Does anyone know who put up the large "Forgive" sign next to the westbound access to the Hawthorne Bridge?

I read somewhere that was put up by the George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney Defense Fund.

I guess it's okay to use that word and make these type of disparaging comments because he's a gay man, right?

And I guess dating more than one person and having sex with more than one person makes you a slut?

I absolutely think that what Adams did was absolutely wrong and he should have already stepped down (and I hope he bends to increasing pressure and does so soon). But I don't think that we get free reign to dig into his sex life now, and call him a slut because he's had more than one boyfriend.

"More than one"? Give me a break. Apparently, he has several at a time, and there's a lot of turnover (no pun intended). If he were straight, I suspect there would be a fair amount of talk about that, particularly if he were caught hitting on a 17-year-old girl and lying about it.

Newport, I do agree with you that Sam dating multiple folks doesn't make him a slut. And I'm uncomfortable with him being called that.

But a city commissioner -- who's 40 something and planning to run for mayor -- dating a teenager IS bad judgment, regardless.

Oh give me a break too, Newport.
You've never read or heard anything about Sam Adams so you just assume.
Adams has a reputation. For years.
He's wanders the gay bars etc and hooks up with various partners at a rate anyone would call loose, easy or,,, slut.
He is exactly what an easy broad would be if she were bopping guys left and right.
That's how on becomes a slut.

The way one stays classy and keeps from being referred to as slut is to not be one.
Adams got so carried away with his exploits that he lost all sense of judgement and ended up playing around with a 17 year old in a City Hall mensroom.


Have we heard the full extent of his adventures? Not hardly.
Quite the contrary we now read that an associate of Breedlove's says Adams and Breedlove had sex when he was 17.

Bottom line is if Sam Adams wants to be a loose guy carrying on in mensrooms at work he probably should get a job that isn't elected and requires no dinity or standards.

"Bottom line" heh, heh - good one.


If it picks up dudes like a slut, has indiscriminate sex with many partners like a slut...it is a slut...

Sam the Slut...so much more descriptive than Sam the Tram....

This info undermines the part of Adams' story where he implies that one reason he'd made bad choices in 2005 was that he'd been out of the dating pool since the mid-90s:

"I was very flattered by the attention. I’d recently ended my 11-year relationship. I was dating again. I didn’t think it through." (http://www.out.com/detail.asp?page=1&id=24552)

It's none of our business if his 11-year relationship was a non-monogamous one, but it appears that the "I hadn't dated in years" talking point is another lie.

I love the quote from the original article: "I think we should force him to do the job."

How can anyone not laugh at the double-entendreness of that?

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