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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Never let it fade away

At about 6:54 tonight, I could have sworn I saw a meteor fall straight downward in the north-northwest sky. Did any other Pacific Northwesterners see it?

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Yep, both my wife and I saw it right around that time. But we were driving south into Hillsboro and it was heading towards the southwest. It was a pretty cool sight but not sure what it was.

I was driving north on a NE Portland grid street, and it was at about 11 o'clock on my windshield.

Are we talking shooting star or burning fireball?

Speaking of the sky, tonight I saw a high flying jet with rapidly blinking aviation lights - not your normal commercial-looking plane. It left what looked like a classic chem-trail. When it was two thirds of the way across the sky another followed it with similar lights, but taking a path a little to its left. It sure looked organized as if they were deliberately laying down a grid. What is the deal with these so-called chem-trails?

Are we being sprayed or is this an upper atmosphere thing? I don't get it.

Are we talking shooting star or burning fireball?

It was a fast streak, heading straight down, about 40 degrees above the horizon.

Remember that one I reported a while back? It looked like a burning piece of space junk coming right down on Portland at a steep angle also in the north-northwesterly sky. It really gets your attention, doesn't it?

This one was high enough up there that it looked like something happening over Centralia. But I thought of you right away.

I reported mine to a meteor site just for kicks. But the real fun is searching google and watching meteor/meteorite clips from around the world. They have some real winners.

Bill, I hope you're joking...

"CON"-trails, as in condensation trails, result from the exhaust of jet engines being visible given the correct mix of temperature and pressure - two variables that allow for the condensation - therefore the visibility - of the exhaust. That's all there is. No conspiracy, no "chem-trails," just water vapor condensing. Boring but true.

Can you even imagine a less efficient manner in which to which to spread a chemical or drug over a specific area than to do so at that altitude?

...condensation trails, result from the exhaust of jet engines...
JK: Just to add a detail. It is not just jets because it is the condensation of water vapor in the exhaust of all aircraft engines.

You can see this from WWII high altitude bombers' exhaust too.


Must have been that Iranian satellite.

Chem trails? Someone call Art Bell!

Weather Matt pointed out con trails from ships at sea on his sat view not that long ago.

When illuminated by the moon the contrails are an erie site.
Once out in the middle of the south pacific I saw what I call a 'moon bow'. It is a colorless rainbow illumitated by the moon. It was very beautiful.

Oh it was probably a bottle rocket one of Sam's new boyfriends set off as they celebrated the stupid public allowing him to remain Mayor.

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