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Saturday, February 7, 2009

All right! All right already!

The other day we got a thick envelope in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service -- always a magic moment at the mailbox -- but it turned out to be nothing too exciting. Just a set of estimated tax forms for quarterly tax payments in 2009, the first of which is due on April 15. Whew.

This would be a nonstory, except that today we got two more envelopes, with two more sets of the exact same forms in them. The IRS is always urging us to help them join the paperless world, but you'd never know it from what the Kansas City Service Center is doing:

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Nothing makes you pull a Casper the friendly ghost faster than seeing Internal Revenue Service in the mailbox.

Right! I also received multiple copies of the (Circular E) Employer's Tax Guide and the Form 1040V with lots of forms and envelopes. Too bad, because my accounting software prints all this stuff appropriate to my return anyway. Alas, the IRS.

I will be so glad when the gov is in charge of my health care

Hey Jack,

Speaking of the IRS, I just found out that last year's tax rebate, of which my wife and I got $1200, is now due back to either the Fed or the State (I can't quite remember). In other words, my total tax refund is $1200 lighter than expected. Talk about a reverse stimulus. I'm pretty sure many folks are going to be surprised by this.


How come your stuff comes from the KC Service Center? Mine ES and EV stuff come from San Francisco?

We send the money to the IRS in San Francisco, but the forms come from Kansas City. Go figure.

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