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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Musical green eyeshades, Part II

The recycling we wrote about last week continues.

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Will he again believe that he has the authority and duty to keep me off the ballot? He did not run unopposed last election. He used his position to declare me unfit because I did not belong to the same foreign private membership organization that he does. This is conduct that is criminal and that disqualifies him from serving in any position of trust in Oregon, elected or otherwise.

But then again, no public official today appears to feel that they must honor much of anything by way of self restraint on the assertion of power. Gary will fit right in, and be a good cheerleader . . . not auditor.

I still believe that most public officials act in what they believe to be in the public's best interest. If Gary reads this comment he will likely express more genuine puzzlement than be in any way troubled, as when a loyal dog tilts its head as if to say "what?"

Blackmer's resignation will cost the City at least $100,000 for the special election, plus much more than that if it goes to a runoff. At least he got a $40,000 raise!

Wow, now Blackmer gets to use his rubber stamp at the state level. The legislature ought to have fun with him.

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