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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mayor Creepy gets religion

The next-to-last refuge of a scoundrel.

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Maybe he was looking for like minded fellows?

Jack, I'm actually much more interested in your reaction to Sam's comment:

"Before I thank you as the mayor of Portland, I want to thank you first as just Sam Adams," Mayor Sam Adams told the group as he accepted the check for the city, "as many of you know, I recently suffered a bout of profound idiocy that has shaken me to my core."

I believe Sam Adams suffered genuine alarm when he got in trouble, because it's all about him and only him, so he was legitimately concerned.

However, I believe the new contrite versions of Sam Adams are as phony as his claims that he was thinking about resigning.
It's learned behavior to best serve him as he continues moving through the water. It is time to appear regretful so he does, even if his actual level of regret is about the same as you'd find in a shark. Watching him profess sorrow is like watching a shark pretend to be a vegetarian. It's not real.

In short, I think he's a complete phony and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he played the religious card now.

But there's more....

I believe on the galactic plane of his existence there can be only one perfect state: If as much of the available attention in whatever world he's currently trying to manipulate, is aimed at him.

In that sense, he will look back at this scandal - if he gets away with it - as that time in his life when things were at their best.

This is a man who descended from a tram on a rope for attention, and invited cameras into his medical operation. This is a man who threw his beloved gay community under the bus with complete ease. It's about him and it's not about anything else.

Then suddenly back in 2009, things became electric. Suddenly he didn't even have to try. The attention just flocked to him and the political allies he had duped with such ease, wrote in to defend him. They even had a rally for him! My God, he was a national figure now. Oh, the excitement.

Not even Beau could make his b***s tingle like this. They were even making jokes about him on the Tonight Show for Christ sake! Contrite? Please. It was as close to perfect as his life could ever be.

From the comments:

The Christian leaders did do the right thing. They just showed love.

Me, I'm no Christian. If a man in his 40s molested my teenage son, you can be sure my lack of love for that man would land me in jail. And I would gladly pay that price, too.

I am amazed - This piece of garbage will go any place to get someone's approval.

My guess is that in about 20 days (see ticker in upper left corner), Slinky Sam will check himself in a 12-step "Sex Adddicts" clinic.

The lights from the presser at that announcement will fill his ego battery enough that he can carry on through the recall.

Tingle Balls, Tingle Balls, Tingle all the way.

It's like a Christmas song for Mayor Creepy when cruising high schools.

Sam Adams says-"I recently suffered a bout of profound idiocy that has shaken me to my core."
I'll go take a shower now....he's so creepy and such a liar.

Many in the local media eviscerated Joe the plumber yet give Sam a pass. Tells me where his enablers work..... Maybe work is the wrong word.

How NOT surprising! No mention of Tom Potter in the story, when it was his leadership and relationship development that brought the city and this community together to support the homeless in this way.

Sam was only there to accept the check. He doesn't get things done; he just takes the credit.

Rumors abound amongst city employees that another news story is about to break on shameless sam. Anyone heard antyhing specific.

People are way too hard on Sam Adams.
Sure he showed bad judgment, and sure he made an idiot out of himself giving the Oregonian that interview, but the bottom line is;


He's the same Sam Adams, has the same ideas, so who cares about any of this?

Do any of you actually think that much will change in Portland if Sam goes?

Your the ones living in a fantasy if you believe that!

Adams can be as reckless and as irresponsible as he wants — he just can't be the mayor. It's really very simple.

"Adams can be as reckless and as irresponsible as he wants — he just can't be the mayor. It's really very simple."

Oh yea?

Then how come he is the mayor then?

b h,
I think it could change Portland a little. I should reiterate that any legal consensual sexual stuff between adults is not grounds to be driven from office - if that's what happened here.
But the Nixonian questions of abuse of power are a big problem for me.
I suppose it sounds naive but I think if we had prosecuted Richard Nixon for his abuses of power, we could have avoided George W and Cheney.

As long as leaders believe they can act with impunity, they will. I don't want the next mayor handing out jobs to reporters who are unqualified to do them, in what appears to be an attempt to buy them onto the mayor's side. Are you saying you're 100% sure that didn't happen here?

I think Sam's reckless spending could bankrupt Portland, so that could change with the right mayor, but it would be wrong to use this scandal just to change our political course. It has to stand on its own merits, and be applicable to a mayor that I did like as well.

I admit you could be right about not changing Portland in that sense: The next mayor could be a conniving, self-absorbed clown as well.

And to clarify, out of respect for Hume's Guillotine:
Adams is the mayor though he ought not to be. Due to his protracted unethical behavior he is going to be recalled, which ought to be pretty clear to anybody whose ethical reasoning extends beyond asserting that things ought to be the way they are because they are the way they are.

Meanwhile, as the world turns, Beau has decided to cash in on the situation.

The Portland Mercury has reported that:

It appears that Mayor Sam Adams' barely legal former paramour Beau Breedlove is quickly learning that the road to scandal is paved with money. Unzipped magazine - "the news magazine of gay adult entertainment" - announced today that Breedlove has accepted their undisclosed monetary offer to appear in a nude photo shoot.

"I [Breedlove] came to LA to prove that the Portland scandal does not define his sexuality," drooled Unzipped Online Editor Sean Carnage. "The photos portray the real Beau - a confident and extremely handsome young man who is openly sexual, and has nothing to hide."

This should definitely help move those condos at the Wyatt.

Kari, I'm actually much more interested in your reaction to Sam's comment:

"I recently suffered a bout of profound idiocy that has shaken me to my core."

Apparently it impressed you?

I'm shocked.

Posing nude in a magazine certainly qualifies as "openly sexual" with "nothing to hide" to me. I wonder if Mayor Skeezy will get his copy autographed...or mabye he'd prefer something a little more (ahem!) personal.

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