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Monday, February 9, 2009

Headline of the Year (so far)

As usual, The New York Post hits the nail right on the head. Unfortunately, it's not safe for work.

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Ah, ah, ah be careful:

"He said he did not know what he took, which sounds a trifle unbelievable, given the obsessive attention he and other wealthy professionals pay to their bodies. But he admitted taking something, and that is a start."


Why can't people like A-Rod, Sam, Clemens et al just roll out of the gate and tell the full truth when they get caught? It seemed to work pretty well for Andy Pettite.

You can imagine what he told Madonna.

It's no surprise.

Check out the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster to see how prevalent steroids are in major league sports right down to high school.

"A Roid" is being used a lot.

I like the way he "Adamsed" Katie Couric.

"It seemed to work pretty well for Andy Pettite."

Yeah, he seems to have sailed right through his saga no worse for the wear. I bet most people won't even remember he got nailed by opening day.

I think it's time for a "freak league". Any and all steroid users can do whatever they want to their bodies, but they need to play in a separate league.

Yep...right on the head. Anything he has done or ever does in the future should have a huge asterisk right beside it. I'm just wondering who's going to get caught..uhh..."come clean" next.

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