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Friday, February 6, 2009

For Portland, a way out of the Adams mess

A reader writes:

There is so much going on about Sam Adams and his refusal to walk away from his wet dream job and our nightmare. However, there is a solution I just realized. The answer is Nordstrom's. You know how they are renowned for taking everything back, even merchandise that is labeled JC Penney's? Well then, let's just return ole' Sam to Nordstrom's, and to seal the deal, we won't even ask for a credit on our account.

Comments (3)

So is your reader saying that at this point in Sam Adams life, he's nothing but an empty suit?

Works for me.

The men's restroom om 2nd floor at Nordstrom is notorious for every sort of sordid activity...drugs....trashing...fouling....seems to be the perfect venue for Sam to continue to "mentor" other boys after he's been "returned"

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