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Friday, February 6, 2009

Caddies are out -- condos next?

A statement from Kuni Automotive said the company plans to pursue redevelopment opportunities for the dealership's land and buildings.

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Mr. Kuni must be rolling over in his grave....

Somebody who might build condos at a car dealer site on Cedar Hills Blvd in Beaverton should have their head examined.

Maybe it will be a "major league" soccer stadium.

I noticed their lot had been vacating over the last couple of months... I figured this was in the works.

Their lot lies adjacent to creek which the city of Beaverton just overhauled... it looks like the L.A. River now. Hmmm, condos with a view!

Just another of the GM dealerships on the rocks...
GM is consolidating alright...right into bankruptcy!

Somebody who might build condos at a car dealer site on Cedar Hills Blvd in Beaverton should have their head examined.

This was my first thought as well, but then consider that:
- New Seasons is already in the neighborhood
- A MAX station is within walking distance
- Cedar Hills shopping center is adjacent

As long as they don't request significant public investment in the form tax breaks, infrastructure improvements, etc. I wish them well. It's a better idea than what was done previously.

Maybe the dimmo guv can make a deal with Panetta for torture chambers and dungeons on this Canyon road property. "The Obama administration will not prosecute CIA officers who participated in harsh interrogations that critics say crossed the line into torture." Maybe a new depression proof industry.

As John Rettig said, this might not be a bad place for condos at all. There is not a thriving neighborhood of single dwelling residences to be threatened by development. There are Plenty of dining opportunities nearby (some quite good, such as Pachangas -real Mexican food, and Pho Hung -Vietnamese, Abhiruchi -the best Indian food buffet in the region in my opinion). There is Powells Books in the shopping center and a nearby multiplex theater.

Public investment might include a pedestrian bridge across Cedar Hills Blvd, a street extremely unpleasant for pedestrians, but alas, Beaverton is not likely to recognize the potential to help out. What Portland has too much of, Beaverton has too little in the planning department.

With its of road, transit, dining, grocery and entertainment options nearby, one could do a lot worse for siting condos than that area.

This property is just 2 blocks west of the Round, which has been a collosal failure to date. Not exactly an "in demand" location

Not exactly an "in demand" location

They are building a new Goodwill store directly across the street too.
I really dont understand why though. The old store is only about a mile away. Must be the MAX stop within walking distance at the new location.

Of course, the old Westgate Theater property next door to The Round was never developed after they demolished the theater, and the new building at The Round was stopped after they poured the foundations.

"Transit-Oriented Development" for the win!

New condos/new Goodwill: destination living for the Age of Obama.

Never leave home!

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