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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where waste happens

Interesting story in the Salt Lake paper the other day about charitable foundations set up by professional basketball players. Bottom line: They generally aren't run well, a lot of their cash goes for overhead and partying, and several appear to be in violation of the tax laws. (Via TaxProf Blog.)

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To me it's a bigger crime that so many companies and people focus their charitable efforts on big-name groups like United Way and March of Dimes. They're behemoths that work to sustain their bloat and strong-arming tactics.

They take a bigger chunk of the pie from all the small, low-overhead charities found in every city. Jack, I'm glad you chose some of these good ones for Buck-a-hit day...

And we paid the PayPal processing fees, so that everything readers gave went to the charities. Let's hope they spend it wisely.

Maybe the Salt Lake media can start looking at the Mormon's use of tax shelters? I'd like to see what happens as a result of an investigation into their massive Prop8 efforts.

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