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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dangerous storm blowing toward Portland

The Boston Celtics won by 45 tonight in Sacramento.

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I'll be prefunctioning tomorrow with the Portland State-Baylor game. Unfortunately it's radio-only.

I say Blazers by 5 in a good, close game. I don't think the Blazers will put up with the Celtics pushing them around again.

As for the PSU game, it is really too bad it isn't on TV, as it's one of the biggest games ever for them.

The Blazers beat Sacramento by 32 less than 2 weeks ago so we're still in the picture. What I don't get is how Golden State beat the Celtics. We've got to use that when Kevin Garnett starts his inevitable trash-talking.
You've got to love his talent and effort but if they could hook a turbine up to Kevin's mouth, we could solve the energy crisis in a week.

You're just giddy over the Eagles.

Yesterday was a dream sequence. Watching the Cowboys discuss what was going wrong was priceless. Then afterwards when Terril Owens said that he doesn't mind the booing because he knows Philly would take him back...that's what I look for in comedy.
On a serious note, one of McNabb's passes in the first half had a degree of accuracy and beauty that made me proud to be a sports fan. It was more than a great play - it was a great work of art.
Later today, after I read the Dallas papers, I think I'll check on Rush Limbaugh's comments. He had a lot to say about the tie game and what it said about McNabb. He was also a recent guest of the Dallas Cowboys. I can't wait for his reflections about how yesterday went.

"...he knows Philly would take him back..."

Philly would gladly take him back, alright. It's just a matter of what they'd do to him once they got him back.

Nice call, Westside Guy.

Please predict the next two games as well, if you don't mind.

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