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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where are Schrunk, Kroger, and Avakian?

Why are the taxpayers paying $75 an hour to have somebody look into this? Isn't this the kind of thing that we have detectives, DA's, and a labor commissioner for?

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On Dec. 19, the Tribune reported that teachers and staff at the Arthur Academy were upset that their Public Employees Retirement System accounts haven’t been paid into since May.

That is probably why they are investigating...damn boat rockers.

I would think that the Oregon Department of Education would also have an interest in how state school money is being spent, so the Oregon Attorney General's Office probably should be looking into this. Or maybe we should call The Feds. The Feds give Title I, Special Education money, and other funds to charter schools.

Kroger's not the Attorney General.

ORS Sec. 180.020: "Election; term of office. The Attorney General shall be elected by the electors of this state at the regular general election in the same manner as other state officers are elected. The term of the Attorney General shall commence on the first Monday in January of the year succeeding election."

Re-post next week. ;-)

I would think that the Oregon Department of Education would also have an interest in how state school money is being spent

If they cared at all, we wouldnt have a need for charter schools in the first place.
The state has such a burr in their butt about charter schools, my guess is there already more oversight with money at charters than with regular schools.

The PPS school board directly employs an independent auditor. I would think this would be an appropriate use of that position.

A State investigator or DA already on our payroll would not cost taxpayers any extra money to complete this task. He/she would just be putting other (maybe more important) work aside, to complete this audit.

But if you are just comparing salary costs, the $75.00 flat contract fee is probably much less costly than that of a state investigator or DA. I would suspect that wages, appropriate taxes, pers, medical, and other benefits for a State investigator or DA are probably closer to the 135.00 - 155.00 per hour range.

And when their finished they should begin investigating PPS at all levels. Now that would be interesting.

"hiring an outside investigator is a unique situation"
Since when does an "outside investigator" mean a PI for the PPS? Go Magnum

Well, Kroger is busily engaged in hiring Margaret Olney, a Portland lawyer to make sure Bill Sizemore cannot sponsor anymore initiative legislation that may evoke the fears and angst of the teacher's association.
That democratic party seems to be Hell-Bent on destroying the initiative system in Oregon..I wonder what Dan Meek and Lloyd Marbet might say. Do you really want to slice and dice a democratic virtue over one person?
And I thought the holy right was to fear...wrong!

If the person Risk Management suggested is an accountant or forensic auditor, is $75 high?
Of course, if the person is a licensed plumber, that's a bit low.

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