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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weather excitement intensifies

Portland's storm miseries appear to be taking a turn for the worse, as it appears that it is now getting dark. The darkness is expected to cut visibility in many areas, and these conditions may persist until morning.

Remember: Stay in your home. Do not go outside for any reason. Stay tuned to bojack.org Storm Center 9000 for further updates.

Comments (11)

Ok, but on a serious note...frickin' idiotic weather hysteria!

The media "OMG BLIZZARD 2008 FROTH FROTH FROTH" insanity is so irresponsible! This time of year, there are a lot of small business owners and artisans holding arts and crafts sales - depending on them, in fact, to pay bills and buy a little holiday cheer. Retail traffic was dead (needlessly) on Friday. I'd like to send bloody KATU a bill for my lost sales. Rant off.

Thanks for letting me vent. :-)

Jack, you know they just won't listen to you. They're going to go out, they're going to think they're better drivers than everyone else and they're going to cause accidents. Why? Because they're idiots.

Retail traffic was dead (needlessly) on Friday

Seriously? Where? I had Friday off, and I tried getting out & about to do some shopping. Traffic on the west side was terrible! Stores were packed.

They're going to go out, they're going to think they're better drivers than everyone else and they're going to cause accidents. Why? Because they're idiots.

No doubt, today I drove my daughter to work, and I had a guy following so close I couldnt see the front if his car in my mirror. And I saw several people with 4x4s who apparently thought they were invincible. My SUV is only 2wd, and I got around just fine, without chains.

Excuse me are you suppose outside on the Sylvan overpass when bloging about the storm. ;)

I always like it when the reporters show their boots rubbing on the snow and ice as they describe the layers and warn us about the conditions.
How else would any of us know what it's like to go out and walk and drive in snow and ice.
Sometimes they're out in a pocket of harmless slush desribing it as trecherous or worse.
That's really scary too.
2 6 8 and 12 are always nearly identical in coverage. Is that some law? Or do not one of them ever have anyone with any ideas on something different?

With ice in the pot holes no need for road improvement..Adam's brilliant!

We just had the enjoyable experience of everything going dark about the time it got dark. It's impressive how quickly the temps in the house can drop when it's only 18F outside. Lucky for us, the cheeseball gas fireplace kept working, we had lots of candles, and the power crews are efficient. Great excuse for takeout: power goes out when there's 30 more minutes left on the dinner in the oven. :-)

Damage claims against Sam the Tram should be made for many of the snow traffic accidents that are caused by hitting potholes and street depressions that help send vehicles into a spin. Inundate the small claims court with Sam's disregard to common sense maintenance.

A claim wouldn't be much different than the legal beagles making claims against individual police in this city.

Wasn't all this snow stuff s'posed to melt into the Big Pipe? How's that working?

Jack, why are we still on version Storm Center 9000? That's so 2007. Isn't there an upgrade available?

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