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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ready for anything

The City of Portland's crack road crews are out in force responding to the snow and ice. In the past 12 hours, they have spread the equivalent of 52 Home Depot bags of gravel on city streets. They have nine bags left. Mayor-elect Sam the Tram advises that the streets will be completely clear no later than 12 hours after temperatures get above freezing.

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Is a car accident an Issue or a Problem?

KOIN TV now calls Adams Mayor...what ever happened to ol' what's his name?

Grampy has obviously checked out.

They don't predict that the temperatures will go above freezing for a week, does that mean the city is shut down for a week?

Jack, as you always say, "Go By Tram"

I understand that the city has a plan for clearing the streets of snow. They call it "spring".

Allan, you remind me of my first fall semester at college in the Midwest. A big storm hit as we were all trying to finish up our finals and go home for the holidays. One of my dorm mates called up the highway patrol to ask when I-70 would be clear.
"Spring," the trooper snapped and hung up.

And this was in a state that regularly dealt with snow and even used, gasp, SALT, on the roads.

I think I was delayed a day. In Portland, it would have been a week....

While I agree that Portland tends to freak out more than the icy Midwest when it comes to the white stuff, we do have hills. Sometimes they even make prairie dog mounds seem quaint. The bottom of 30th and Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy looked like a destruction derby this morning.

Not sure the gravel was there for that carnage, but it was on the roads this evening.

I think Adams deserves to be called mayor a little early, for two reasons:

1. He has been calling himself "mayor" since age 9;

2. The sheer genius of his carefully crafted "Ice is slippery" speech yesterday places him squarely in the historical forefront of this city's political oratory.

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