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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Under the tree

The youngest in our house got this for Christmas. But it's the old folks who can't keep their hands off it. If you'd like to lose some of your weekend, an online version of it can be found here.

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Great game! We found this when we stayed at a friend's beach house for a weekend. Bought our own as soon as we got back home. You can get new card decks with more challenges as well. They sell them at Finnegan's.

Wow, that's incredibly addictive. I think I felt the neural connections forming. (I am also pretty sure a 5 year old could out perform me on spacial awareness games.)

I used to love that game when I was little. :) Thanks for the link!

Good game. We have been playing Apples to Apples, which generates a lot of table banter. Strong thumbs up.

I played a ton of Pandemic over the long weekend. No surprise it is the #1 selling game at Funagain.

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