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Friday, December 26, 2008

They asked for it

I see that the Portland Water Bureau held a holiday song contest, won by this paean to Fireman Randy. But hey, readers, surely we can do better than "Randy the Water Bureau Commissioner" -- which doesn't even scan! What other Yuletide ditties can be adapted to Portlandia? How about "Jingle Bells" re-done as "PDC"? "Chasse Got Run Over by a Thumper"? "What Scam is This"? "O Come All Ye Gullible"? "I Saw Foxworth Kissing Westerman"?

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Oy vey. We may regret this.

David Shaff, Director
Portland Water Bureau

This really p!sses me off that we have a FTE responsible for a blog that writes poems, songs and trivial news items about teh Water Bureau. It is so popular that half the replies are from Water Bureau employees tellign Randy how great he is.

Even then, it probably get 5% the hits/replies bojack.org does and he does this PT and for free with some actual substance.

I'd write a song, but it would be full of bleeps.

Jack, you knew that I would bite......

To the theme of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

It’s beginning to look a lot like Frisco
Every where you go
Take a look the city again, falling apart in sin
With secular progressives running the show

It’s beginning to look a lot like Frisco
Crime at every door
But the ugliest sight you’ll see
Are the bums that like to pee, on your own front door

Bikes every where and cars are no where
Is the wish of Randy and Sam
Condos real tall and housing for all
Was the hope of Potter and Sten
And city workers can hardly wait for it to snow again

It’s beginning to seem a lot like Frisco
The end we all can see
But the thing that will make you cry, when the city is a sty
Is how it used to be

LOL, this contest was open to any and all, so no sore losers because you didn't like the one that got the most votes. Here they all are:


"this contest was open to any and all"

Gee what a coincidence, the winner is a Water Bureau employee who can take work time to tell Randy how great he is.

Why don't you hire TorridJoe (or Bunster) at the Fire Dept to run the blog? He seems to have enought time to comment on BLueORegon allday and still has time to keep his LoadedOrygun blog going all the while working at his real job.

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