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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Send out the signals deep and loud

Here's an appeal to the techies out there. We're adding a new desktop computer to the battery of gadgets in our house, and it's far enough away from our wireless router that the connection's pretty weak. We've got a Linksys G router talking to a Linksys G external adapter. Is there any cheap and easy way to improve the hookup? Would metal coat hangers or tinfoil pie plates help at all?

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Linksys makes a range extender that you can install in a location between the router and the device furthest away. I use one to amplify the (weak) signal from the clubhouse to our townhouse at Sunriver. It gives the signal just enough "oomph" that I can connect at full speed. They're not too expensive. You could also get an Apple airport express (refurb) that will serve two (or three) purposes simultaneously: streaming music from iTunes to a stereo system, putting a printer hub in without having a computer attached, and extending your wireless network.

Another possibility (depends on the antenna of the linksys router) would be to install a Cantenna or a Hawking external antenna on the router to extend the range.

I've used every one of these solutions at one time or another. They all work fairly well, and if the distance isn't too great can turn a modest situation into a really good one, or a bad one into a modest one.

There are solutions out there, none terribly expensive. If your linksys has an external antenna port, let me know back channel. I think I have several spare external antennae that you could choose from for the very good price of free.


I like using the Airport as a relay for two of the reasons mrfearless notes: extra range, and a computerless printer. The software setup was very easy, though I don't know if it's similarly easy with your Linksys (I use Airports only, and set them up with the Utility in MacOS).

You've already received good advice. I'm just here for the Peter Gabriel shout-out. *wry grin*

(depends on the antenna of the linksys router)... If your linksys has an external antenna port...

The router has two black things that look like antennas coming out of it. They swivel around and tilt, but I don't think they're designed to come off the box. Then there is a port where the internet goes in (I think that's an ethernet cable), and then four other ports, all identical to each other, that look as though they take the same type of cable as the internet-in port. Nothing labeled as an external antenna port as such, and no other apparent place where one could hook up an external antenna (other than the four aforementioned ports).

Powerline Network kit. 200mb/s no wireless signal.


Or move the cable modem and router to another room. Many times moving the router to a higher point in the room helps with signals.


Or to improve the range, here are some ideas:


Good luck,

Jack, not to be the smart-aleck here, but you did say this is a desktop computer.

Assuming it's possible, did you consider a direct wired connection between the router and the computer's ethernet port?

Assuming it's possible, did you consider a direct wired connection between the router and the computer's ethernet port?

I tried wireless for my destop, and it just didnt work right. Everything connected ok, but for streaming video to my TV or playing online games, it just didnt work like a wired connection. So I did some looking and found flat ethernet cable in white. Runs rather nicely along baseboards or under carpet. Solved my problem.

I really love my Wireless N router from DLink...I get a great signal all over my house/property. Costco has a good deal on them right now...about $75.

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