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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OMG -- freezing rain (maybe)!

O.k., Portlanders, if you've foolishly gone outside and risked your lives in the horrible weather we've been having the last couple of days, you'd better not do it tomorrow. Not only is it going to snow again, but it might even warm up enough for the dreaded freezing rain. And to make matters worse, the freezing rain will not be followed by a thaw -- it's going to get cold again. Which means that anyone who tries to go outside is a goner.

Repeat -- there may be freezing rain tomorrow, and going outside will mean certain doom. Remain calm. Remain in your home. Stay tuned to bojack.org Storm Center 9000.2 for further updates.

Comments (5)

And, above all, just go out and drive around very slowly.

Tire chains are for sissies

Chains, pains, and automobiles - they all go together in the Willamette valley.

Driving slowly won't help in the hills up or down.

Cocooning works the best.

Here's to an exciting next 48 hours.


I just hope that Portland being put on "pause" doesn't kill the Buck-a-Hit day this year.

I must admit that bagging work on Monday was probably a bit premature. Once I ventured outside Monday afternoon, I found it to be quite pleasant, in a bone-chilling cold kind of way.

Adding a couple inches of solid ice to the mix is prolly going to raise the suckiness level a couple of notches.

On the bright side, if the office is closed due to weather, we worker bees still get paid for the day.

I just hope that Portland being put on "pause" doesn't kill the Buck-a-Hit day this year.

Me, too. If people are stuck at home, they hang out on the internet a great deal. But if they go to work, get sent home early, and have a hard time getting home, that could hurt traffic.

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