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Friday, December 12, 2008

Save room on your iPod

I'm sure we'll be listening to these recordings fairly soon.

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Whereas the Supreme Court stubbornly subverts its own deliberations and quid pro quo's by avoiding recording their audio. We'll never hear the recordings of this recent Supreme decision, all of it lost from posterity.

Supreme Court Overturns Bush v. Gore, OnionIssue 44•50, December 9, 2008.

President Gore, retroactively determined by the Supreme Court to be the winner of the 2000 election, is sworn in for his six-week term.

WASHINGTON — In an unexpected judicial turnaround, the Supreme Court this week reversed its 2000 ruling in the landmark case of Bush v. Gore, stripping George W. Bush of his earlier political victory, and declaring Albert Arnold Gore the 43rd president of the United States of America.

The court, which called its original decision to halt manual recounts in Florida "a ruling made in haste," voted unanimously on Wednesday in favor of the 2000 Democratic nominee.

Gore will serve as commander in chief from Dec. 10 to Jan. 20.

"Allowing this flaw in judgment to stand would set an unworkable precedent for future elections and cause irreparable harm to the impartiality of this court," said Chief Justice John G. Roberts in his majority opinion.

Moments after the court's noontime announcement, Gore ... then delivered the first of seven consecutive State of the Union addresses.

... then Blageyovich was put in charge of the $700 billion bailout, to get something of value in return for the taxpayers' investment.

I only want to hear the dirty version. Between Rahm and Blago, all those beeps on the edited version will make my tinnitus flare up.

"Obama yesterday pledged to canvass his staff about conversations with Blagojevich's office over the seat, and disclose what he finds out soon."
Fair enough, now will he follow through? If so, what a refreshing change from the artifice which defines Bush.

This is right up there with "....I did not have sex with that woman....".

Sure glad we have an honest, open, Democratic administration coming into office so the drama of corruption will be behind us. Whatever.....

Tensk, Doesn't Florida have to continue the recount, and further recounts, until they get a count where Gore actually wins Florida?

This Chicago Sun-Times photographer deserves a Pulitzer prize for photography, and maybe for editorial comment as well.


"Change?" Yep, change alright - now Dem's are the ones getting arrested.


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