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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Message from Detroit

But it's not safe for work.

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The new century as Bucky Fuller foresaw it.



The Dymaxion, (backwards trike). Rear wheel steering, with a tiller (bar) instead of a steering wheel.



Not safe... at any speed.

that post is the final word on the subject--I had to forward to many friends!!

Simple, clean and cheap. Why can't we have these? Take a guess.


I simply don't buy the conspiracy theories: if Tata motors could deliver a profitable compressed air vehicle with the stated performance criteria they would have already done so.

And billions of dollars have been invested in alternative fuel/power systems/cars without a single mass produced success story. Tesla is simply the most recent failure, but there have been dozens of others.

Why? Because gasoline/diesel powered vehicles offer a much higher BTU/unit of measure than most alternatives and petroleum is (until recently) very cheap on a BTU weighted basis.

If they want to bring a compressed air vehicle to the U.S. market, they would be well advised to bring something bigger than a SMART car or Honda FIT: because many suburbanites won't buy an econobox so long as gasoline remains below $3.00/gallon.

I was initially suspicious as well but the report looked legitimate. I don't know why it's such a stretch to consider that those with deep pockets, already invested in the status quo, would have no reason to support a new technology that didn't promise the returns that they are used to seeing with the internal combustion/oil/gas set-up.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'd like to believe that a plan like this may come to fruition and if it has to be done by unlikely engineers in France and India, then so be it.

I recall that the business sector and the biggies were reluctant to support the internet when it was first launched. Now they can't get their ads, spam and website up fast enough.

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