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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last chance

Are you like me -- do you feel a little sheepish shopping at a going-out-of-business sale at a mom-and-pop retail establishment? There you are, going to town, stocking up on stuff that's being liquidated below cost, while the owner watches you, thinking, "You cheap s.o.b.! Where were you when I was sitting here in an empty store?"

Today I had that feeling in the venerable Paper Garden, next door to Peet's on NE 15th Avenue (just north of Broadway) in Portland's Irvington neighborhood. Everything in the place is 50 percent off, and tomorrow's the last day. High-class stationery, fancy soaps, a little jewelry, handbags, candles -- it's all there for just one more day. We love the deals we got today, but we're truly sad that the place is folding.

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As a seasonal gesture you could have paid them twice the asking price.

Stay tuned there will be more...lots more!
Only the strong, the prudent, and those who have been fiscally conservative will come out of this current economic disaster.
People are just not buying stuff they do not actually need; I know I am not. But then I never was much of a consumer.
I cannot think of one person I know that has not been negatively affected by this current economic mess.
Two kinds of money; no money and not enough money.

If you'd like to jump in now and prevent a 'going out of business' sale for another neighborhood indie business (plus help a son make his mother smile this Christmas), read this. Then go buy some books!

I stopped by Broadway Books tonight and spent 70 bucks (which theoretically gets me one burrito in January.)

Seeing business(es) going bankrupt today, is one thing.

Seeing further, the future going bankrupt is worse.

Described here, and here: Collapse of Pension Funds? -- Five western countries will affected by the collapse of the capital-based pension system, Global Research, December 11, 2008, (excerpt GEAB - 2008-03-23).

In the case of hedge funds, at least was it only about the most “risky” investments!
Should say: "at least it was only about"

the 300 largest pension funds reached a cumulated value of 10,000 USD in September 2007
Should say: "value of 10,000 billion USD"

Reminds me of a song -

"Calling it your job, ol' hoss, sure don't make it right,
If you want me to, I'll say a prayer for your soul tonight."

Any guesses?

"Rain On the Scarecrow" by John Mellencamp

Broadway Books isn't the only local bookstore in trouble. From what I've heard, In Other Words (formerly on Hawthorne, now on Killingsworth) needs to raise $11,000 by the end of December to stay open.

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