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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Am I hallucinating?

I just saw a Steve Novick for U.S. Senate commercial on the Comcast Cable version of TNT, during halftime of the Blazer game!

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Dang, Jack. You beat me to it. I was going to post about it too.

Do you suppose he's getting a jump-start on the next election?

First Shaq goes back in time with his game, then the Steve Novick ad. We could be seeing a break in the time-space continuum here. My guess? It was caused by Arctic Blast 2008.

Somewhere lurking out there about 40 light-years out are television broadcast signals carrying news of the Tet offensive, the Christmas Eve Apollo 8 book of Genesis reading from the moon, and Nixon's inaugural address for his first term. It's all on the record - always. Especially now.

You have to hand it to Novick. He doesn't know when to quit.

"... about 40 light-years out are television broadcast signals carrying news...."

In fact it is 60 light-yeats out and, as you say, 'streaming live.'

More germane is to notice the "news" 'carried by signals' is embedded 60 years deep inside (at least) America's 'culture.' (The very least.) In other units of social measure it is 'indoctrinated 4 generations deep' -- viz: those born 1956-70 (TVgen1), 1970-84 (TVgen2), 1984-98 (TVgen3), and 1998-2012 (TVgen4).

Alas, we are 'out of order' farther than grandparents can correct for, and there, the only remedy from the (familial) 'vicious cycle' is total collapse, eradication, (implosion?), and then regeneration. (Of tele-vision).

Like HERE: Adbusters.ORG. (Some interesting confusion in this link when it doesn't work; and interesting consciousness when it does.)

Erratum: for "light-yeats" read: light-years. For 'typo' read: OOOPS.

See how chaos works? If this one ad had run when it was supposed to, it might have created a chain of events in which Novick had won the primaries, and gone on to be the greatest senator in United States history. Now we'll never know.

Tensk, We also have to acknowledge our solar system's 200-million year orbit around the center of the galaxy and the more heavier fact: The entire galaxy is moving through space so the TV signals are different distances from the planet depending on which way you look.
That's also why Voyager 2 got to the edge of the solar system and near the beginning of interstellar space a billion miles sooner than Voyager 1.

I saw it too! and it came on twice! It's too bad Earl didn't get Obama's transportation cabinet position, I was hoping Novick would get grandfathered in for the 2nd congressional seat.

We need a good laugh about now.

There have been a number of times when I've channel-surfed past CSN, stopped to take a look, and quickly concluded that I was the only person actually watching the station.

Case-in-point: Last Sunday, I was running through the NFL pregame shows and noticed that the one on Channel 37 was actually previewing games that had already been played the week before.

Another case-in-point: For a while last summer they were showing old movies like "The Monte Stratton Story," which makes a certain amount of sense for a sports channel. As near as I could tell, however, the second and last installment of that series was a film called "The Lusty Men" -- which to the disappointment of many, I'm sure, turned out to be a 1952 movie with Robert Mitchum as a rodeo cowboy.

"... I've channel-surfed past CSN, stopped to take a look, and quickly concluded that I was the only person actually watching ...."

I give up seeking to understand why anyone nuts up monthly PayTV fees for programmed communication no one ever watches.

Instead, now I think I should seek some exploitative way to capitalize (myself) on getting people's annual tax payments for Basic Transportation as a bundle trams, trolleys, and river ferries they don't ever ride.

Having no customers is another way of saying all customers are happily satisfied.

Oh, and, yes, I keep forgetting: On topic -- yes, Jack, you are hallucinating. I can invoice you to prove it.

Hallucination time is about $1000 per minute on some of the back channels. But I can offer you a lower introductory price. Please remit.

The only worthwhile reason to watch CSN is to see Blazers or Oregon Duck games. Given Comcast's crappy service when we lived in Tualatin, I decided DirectTV and a pair of Trailblazers Season tickets was a lot better option than putting up with Comcast's poor service.

You all got it wrong. Novick is prepping to put his name on the NY Senate seat list. Name recognition and notoriety is the name of the game and Novick IS game.

He better hope name recognition isn't the name of the game. He's up against Caroline Kennedy.

Being a nationally televised game, and the tv advertising rate at a level Novick can afford, it's not a bad move on his part to get some name recognition to compete against Caroline.

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