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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Calling the U.S. attorney

I know you're busy sprucing up your résumé and all, but do you ever find time to read the papers?

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A little more jail time would do wonders for improving his bad attitude. Plus, he would have plenty of time to keep his rhetoric practiced by daily explaining to the the prison guards why public employees are such a scourge on society - I'm sure they would love to hear this. And everyone else would benefit by his not being free to continue his ballot measure machine.

Everybody wins.

I don't understand, Jack. How exactly could the Republicans benefit from Karen acting on this?

This is the problem with modern Republican politics. They think that because they have opponents who are after them for political reasons, that this justifies any type of behavior on their part in order to persevere, including breaking the law.

They've convinced themselves that literally no rules (or laws) apply in politics, because "it's all just political." This is the essence of Rove/Atwater/Cheney/Scooter/Gonzales politics, and it leads (surprise, surprise) to Republicans breaking the law.

I'm dense ... why is this a D vs R political issue? Sizemore seems to be treated like a pariah from both ends (hence the reason his initiatives aren't all that successful).

We're looking at this the wrong way: Think of all signatures he can corral with a captive audience.

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